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13 Apr 2001, 21:19
I was surfing around the net and came across this from Kasim's site:
Hello Everyone,
Last day here in sunny L.A., that really hasn't been sunny at all. Cold too! El Nino? La Nina? Who knows. What is important though is the work thats been done over the past 4 days. All the Meat Loaf fans in the U.K. and the U.S. will be happy to hear that the new material is sounding amazing!
Although we've only cut 5 'basic tracks', you can usually tell where something is heading. This is going to be a really special record. Meat is excited and looking forward to recording more songs in the next few weeks. Looks like a winner from my vantage point.
In any case, home tomorrow just in time for my second solo show in N.Y.C. Last weeks went so well I'm sure this Saturday will a bit more relaxed on my side of the stage. I was hoping to add a new song to this weeks show but because of the travel time and work schedule, it wasn't in the cards. Instead, I opted to have a 'Special Guest' join me on stage for a song. No...... not him. You'll just have to wait and see/hear who it is. I'm happy to say that there are more shows coming up with others in the planning stages. It's looking good though guys. I know I only have one show under my belt right now, but it just feels so right to be doing this now, no matter what hurdle is thrown in my way.
For all of you celebrating a holiday this week or next, have a great one and be good to each other.
Love, Kasim

Looks like this is going to be a winner!!!