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White of High
20 Jun 2003, 11:47
Let's Go to Rock 'n' Roll!!!!!!

Man Of Steel (8)

I'd like to talk about only Man Of Steel and no about Intermezzo here.
It's one of the best song on the album. It's just an emotion with good words. I don't know who was Muse-inspired. Was she his wife?
I thin these are the best lines:

"I used to take you in my arms
And hold you there until all your fears were gone"

Pearl's voice is good but not enough. Why isn't that enough? :wink: Cause this voice is angelic but not enough powerfully. Patti's voice is so much better. I hope you won't be angry...

My score: 8

Average: 9.23 (203/22)

20 Jun 2003, 12:04
Without any shadow of a doubt, the best song on the album, if not one of the best songs Meat has ever sung.

The lyrics are beautiful, - haunting, tragic and moving. Has moved me to tears often. I personally think the lines ' i built this prison that i thought was a home, and we both lived there, guess you were living alone' are some of the most powerfull lyrics on the whole album.

Meat sings this brilliantly, and Pearl is just right as lead female vocal, shame she won't be going on tour this year.

I love this song, easy to say that for me, it's my fave Meat song.


20 Jun 2003, 12:10
Great song i give it 9/10

one of the best on the album

evil nickname
20 Jun 2003, 12:49
Doesn't do much for me... the spoken intro is nice though, but the rest of the song just doesn't get to me... 7/10

20 Jun 2003, 13:19
Yes, one of the very best songs on the new album. Hey Meat, you've got a beautiful daughter with a wonderful voice. :D But I wish, her part in this song, would be longer. "Man Of Steel" deserves the best rating.


20 Jun 2003, 13:22
I like this song. Great music and good lyrics. I like the vocals on this song, especially the voice of Pearl.

My score: 8

20 Jun 2003, 13:44
Love this song.Really beautiful lyrics,i agree with Heat
"Ibuilt this prison that i thought was a home
and we both lived here
Guess you were living alone.."

beautiful and very powerful,emotional lyric.

One little complaint here..one small part of the lyric that i dislike
"i tried to call you
But you turned off your cell"

this to me sounds so forced,as if it was the only thing theycould come up with to rhyme with hotel....it is a real pity because the rest of the lyrics are beautiful..it'sa lovely song ,Pearl'svoice is beautiful.
Love the song though i do...i can;t help but cringe at that line,it spoils the song!

If it weren't for the "turned off your cell" bit i'd give it a 10

20 Jun 2003, 15:56
Great opening few lines - grabs my attention. I do though tend to drift away from the song after a couple of minutes or so but I am brought right back to it when Pearl comes in.

I always had this apparently false idea that her voice was rather weak but to me it seems very strong when she comes in - unless of course it has been enhanced in some way by the wonders of modern technology.

She really breathes new life into the song at this point and it is a wonderful finish. I do wish that it would have been possible for her to come in earlier though - after all to call it a duet is stretching it a bit when Meat is singing solo for the first 3 and a half minutes

One other thing I dislike whatever they did with the voice at around the 1 minute mark.

Though it could have been better it is still very good and I give it 8 out of 10

20 Jun 2003, 16:57
I like this a lot, but I don't find it the best on the album.

I agree with Bren on the cell part, The first time I listened to the song, I thought what the h..l is a cell. I'm not english you c, not used to the abbreviation...

But all in all a good song, wich belongs somehow on the album, it does it justice..


20 Jun 2003, 17:37
Perhaps I am dim, but theres something I don't understand about this song- why does the girl say "why can't you just break my heart"? Why would she want him too? Is this just her way of saying he's weak?

Sherrie :roll:

20 Jun 2003, 19:42
Perhaps I am dim, but theres something I don't understand about this song- why does the girl say "why can't you just break my heart"? Why would she want him too? Is this just her way of saying he's weak?

Sherrie :roll:

It seems to me that she is taunting him - confirming that he USED to be a man of steel before he met her, and she got under his skin, and he's not that strong anymore. It seems like she is taking the mick or something.But thats just my opinion.

20 Jun 2003, 20:16
Brilliant song, great spoken intro and Meat puts so much emotion into it. Pearl does do the song justce, voice of an angel and has a good future ahead of her. this song is one of my favourites of the album. 10/10

20 Jun 2003, 20:19
Heat said:
It seems to me that she is taunting him - confirming that he USED to be a man of steel before he met her, and she got under his skin, and he's not that strong anymore. It seems like she is taking the mick or something.But thats just my opinion.

Hey, that does seem to make sense Heat. Thanks- that was really bothering me every time I listened to the song!


20 Jun 2003, 23:00
I really, really like this song. So powerful and sung with great emotion.

love it - 9/10

Sue K
21 Jun 2003, 00:52
MAN OF STEEL..the first time i heard it was when Meat was on british radio back in april..and i immediately loved it...in fact..it brought me to tears...the sound of it so wonderful...
far as the cell business..i think the lines ... after i tried to call you..etc...the lines..."and it said at the tone..just leave me alone"..are so great...it makes the rest work..imo..not just a rhymie thing..you see?
and for the business of ..you used to be so strong...now you can't even break my heart...? all the rest of the song...seems to say...once again...the main character..has been cut loose...she's not allowing him any opening..or way to contact her...so my thought is...that she is saying...he can no longer hurt her..she's done with him..but that very last line?...she's questioning...thinking it over perhaps? or..thinking...why can't you break my heart?..with the question mark is..yes..why? she's satisfied..yes..it's over...

that's my two cents plus worth...lol..

i really love this song..and give it...hmmmm..let's see....11 take away one...lol...



21 Jun 2003, 22:36
Man of Steel is by far the best song on this album! Its emotive, powerful and moving. The whole 'Why cant u break my heart' thing is cleverly written and beautifully sung! I do have to agree however when it comes to the female vocals. They are fantastic and the song would be perfect if the male/female vocals were more evenly weighted!

However its still my favourite and i especially love the ending, its fab!


10/10 definately!!

22 Jun 2003, 03:36
Oh I really like this one. I agree with most re: Pearl's voice. Lovely voice, pitty her part was not bigger.

FWIW I think the "cell" line is fine (in common use over here)


22 Jun 2003, 10:50
One of the best meat has ever done. He performs it brilliantly.
The song reach the climax when the choir starts to sing. They open the song. Please play this song on my funeral :wink: :mrgreen:


22 Jun 2003, 12:58
Ask your wife to do that. :lol:

22 Jun 2003, 17:12



Next one is Testify, right White!? :wink:

22 Jun 2003, 23:22
I like it, it gets from me an 10/10.
I thought that this song will be the next that is going to be released as a single. But I have read, that in Germany will be "Because Of You" released as a single next. But when you ask me, then every song should be released as a single, because they are all great. IT'S JUST A FANTASTIC ALBUM
Greetings Rushour

02 Jul 2003, 22:27
i love this song it is really moving and shows pure emotion which adds to the power and feeling portrayed through Meat Loafs vioce. need i say more? 10/10

02 Jul 2003, 23:10
An amazing song. I think Pearls's part is just long enough, so she enters the song slightly later, as opposed to a standard duet, which I think works amazingly (slightly like I'd Do Anything?)

Her voice is amazing, strong but not too strong for the song, it sounds like she was looked after by the man of steel, because of her soft tone, but the strength in her voice shows she is stronger now.

A stunningly metallic:


EDIT: Just heard this again on headphones, and I have to say the drumming is absolutely amazing. I forgot to mention this the first time but it deserves a mention. Wonderful.

25 Oct 2003, 12:31
I interpret this song as a man getting up in years looking back at his youth. Has he lost his love to a younger man? He knows he can no longer compeat with that. Is he now irrelivent to his former love?

I really like songs that are left open to interpretation.
I really like this song. 10 / 10

Be proud of your daughters Meat. They definatly have talent.

01 Dec 2003, 11:24
Brilliant song. I love the singing at the end too. Very strong. 10/10.

01 Dec 2003, 11:48
listening to it a the mo and it hsa 2b 10/10

28 Dec 2003, 04:55
My favorite CHSIB song equal to Did I Say That?.

I have to come on this you can't even break my heart part:
what I think it's that when passion "moves" to love... you can't "hurt" the other person anymore... suffuring is part of what is called "the real thing"!
You do LOVE someone so passionnately that the only thought of him (or her), the fact you just can't touch him (her) HURTS - you suffer when you are without him (her) AND you do suffer when you are with him (her).
They (?) still love eachother and I guess they always will BUT they can't feel it anymore...


31 Dec 2003, 08:52
Why couldn't this have been just a solo??? I love it so much. It's like a poor old man making a confession - so haunting and beautiful - then this annoying woman cuts in !!! GRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! 9/10.

06 Jan 2004, 10:18
This is a really amazing song. It starts off with a nice poem, which I always like and then the song starts. The character in this song starts singing and he sounds really upset. Its pretty quiet in the background, and then that enormous chorus comes it which truely fantastic. The music is louder and this upset voice turns into an enormous ball of emotion. The song has such a facinating mood to it. Then the girl comes in, and she has a really nice voice and it sounds like she's taunting him about his weakness. When their voices sing together, is absolutely beautiful and I love it a lot! Therefore this song, gets an 11\10. Great piece, absolute brilliant, forever a favourite. 8)

One question though, what do the following lines mean. Someone?

"I built this prison that i thought was a home,
and we both lived here
Guess you were living alone.."

06 Jan 2004, 10:51
That they lived together, but she felt lonely.

09 Jan 2004, 21:30
OMG, that's SO sad.
oh how i love this song. thank you. :P

09 Jan 2004, 23:20
This song has grown on me over the months I've had the album, to start with I wasn't keen on it, but it's struck me recently how powerful and haunting and sad it actually is.

If you'd asked me months ago I'd have rated it a poor 4/10, but now it's gronw to an 8/10... give it a few more months and it may be a 12 ;-)

20 Jan 2004, 12:38
Listened yesterday and still it is the only song where i could cry if i want to. It is one of its best efforts.

08 Jul 2006, 11:30
For me the best song on CHSIB.
Pearl is great on it.
I dont like to video, thatswhy just

08 Jul 2006, 11:35
Absolutely great song. One of my favorites on the album. Brilliant with father and daughter singing.


08 Jul 2006, 16:13
Song definitely grew on me over time...


08 Jul 2006, 16:35
Fantastic song, haven't seen the video

08 Jul 2006, 18:27
Fantastic song, haven't seen the video

Look at the music video´s thread, one of the first links given there.

08 Jul 2006, 21:33
i like it very much!!!!!

13 Jul 2006, 13:24
Very good song, love the descending bass.


16 Jul 2006, 01:54
This is in my opinion one of the better songs on the album (along with DIST, CHSIB, and Testify)

I give it 10/10, simply because I'M ON THE COVER OF THE SINGLE!!!!! YAY!!!! :lol: :lol:

In th UK there was a competition where fans were asked to send in a photo of themselves in order for the art designers to make a 'poster' of Meat's face out of everyone's photos. My photo is on Meat's cheek!!! So I bought loads of copies of the single and gave one to everybody I know! That's prob why the single went in at #21 even though there was hardly any airplay :oops:


16 Jul 2006, 10:54
I love this song, great to sing really loud to in the car!!!! 10/10

17 Jul 2006, 20:55
I really like this one - my 2nd favourite on this album after DIST. Beautifully sung and acted, and with a great tune to boot, and Pearl sounds great.

Easily a 9 out of 10.

Evil One
23 Jan 2007, 22:10

White of High
29 Jan 2007, 00:11
Average: 9.05 (298.5/33)