View Full Version : What was the worst show you ever saw?

Julie in the rv mirror
24 Sep 2010, 04:02
We talk a lot on here about what was our favorite this or that, and I was thinking about starting a thread about our favorite concerts (I'm still cool with that idea if anyone wants to), but I thought it might be more fun if we talk about the worst show we ever saw. :-P

Fortunately, I've never seen one that was horrible. But one that stands out as my least favorite was Michael Bolton, who I saw in the early 90's. It was New Year's Eve, and my husband had gotten me the ticket so that I could have some fun as he had to work that night (I went with a friend). I think he paid about $50 for the ticket, which at that time was kind of expensive. Anyway, while Bolton sounded OK, he sang only 11 songs. :roll: Many people were very unhappy.

Another time was during a Van Halen show. Eddie was so wasted, that when he climbed up on top of his amps to do his solo, he fell off! :shock: David Lee Roth pulled him up, and said to the crowd, "He's OK, he's just f@$*ed up." :roll: No wonder he needed hip replacements.

Anybody seen any real disasters? :lol:

24 Sep 2010, 04:20
I saw toy story 2 on ice and mr. potato head had a major spill....

evil nickname
24 Sep 2010, 08:31
I'm not touching this subject with a ten feet pole. Beyond this message, anyway.