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10 Jun 2003, 16:00
Rare Songs: Tonight Is Right For Love

This is part of the "Southpark" soundtrack and was recorded in 1997. It's a very funny duet between Meat Loaf and Chef, the cook from "Southpark". But I don't wanna call this a real song or music. So it remains without any rating.

White of High
10 Jun 2003, 16:17
I agree with you so hard rating. I have never seen Southpark in TV but I've heard about it. And I don't wanna see it...
Is Meat playing in it? Well, if I should rate it I'd say

My score: 5

Average: 7.00 (21/3)

evil nickname
10 Jun 2003, 16:18
Surely this is a song! Chef sings, Meat sings, and in the end, they sing together. Okay, there is some spoken dialoge in between, but I still consider this a song. One of the best rare songs, very funny... 8/10

15 Jun 2003, 01:38
Hilarious song! An interesting contrast between Meat and Isaac Hayes. One of my faves from the Chef Aid cd.


White of High
31 Jan 2007, 19:04
Average: 7.00 (21/3)