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07 Jun 2003, 23:09
Rare Songs: Come Back To Sorrento

This is a very amazing duet between Meat Loaf and the greatest tenor Luciano Pavarotti. It was part of a benefits concert for the children of Bosnia in 1996. I especially love the lyrics. I don't know where this song original came from, but the lyrics are so poetical, that it seems to me like a poem of Shakespeare. It's wonderful. Does anybody know, who wrote it?


08 Jun 2003, 15:37
I agree with Garrett that the English lyrics that Meat sings are wonderful. I don't know who wrote it but whoever it was did a great job.

I too will give it 9/10

09 Jun 2003, 10:27
very beautiful song,as you say the lyrics are very poetical...ireally like this one


White of High
10 Jun 2003, 12:25
The original title is: Torna A Surriento.
Music & Lyrics by: De Curtis

I love this song. I've seen lot of singers who was singing with Pavarotti. I've seen Bono, John Bongiovi, Zucchero, Gloria Estefan, Sting, etc.
I have to say only Meat and Celine Dion could sing with him. But Meat didn't dare to sing with him in the song. And it's so good. Never try to sing with Pavarotti together...

My score: 10

Average: 9.25 (37/4)

11 Jun 2003, 09:27
i never listen to it. i think i don't like it.

Sapphire Lady
11 Jun 2003, 13:09
I haven't heard Meat singing it but it is a lovely song. And Sorrento is a lovely place.

White of High
31 Jan 2007, 19:06
Average: 9.25 (37/4)