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05 Jun 2003, 10:47
Rare Songs: Come Together

It's average and it isn't the best choice of a Beatles cover song. He should had done "Yesterday", that would be better. Meat's version of "Come Together" also appeared on the "Not A Dry Eye In The House" single in 1996.


08 Jun 2003, 03:00
I've never heard Meat's version of this, though it does seem like an odd selection to me also. My vote for a Beatles cover by Meat: In My Life or Helter Skelter (talk about opposite sides of the same coin!)


08 Jun 2003, 15:20
I have never really understood the song. I have always felt that there must be something wrong with me if I said I didn't like a Beatles song. In that case there is something wrong with me because I don't care a lot for this one.

I'll give Meat's version 5/10

White of High
10 Jun 2003, 12:16
I have to say like you do. It's wrong version of my fav Beatles song, Come Together. The original is so much better...

My score: 5

Average: 5.00 (15/3)

White of High
31 Jan 2007, 19:11
Average: 5.00 (15/3)