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White of High
31 May 2003, 22:08
Jim - Bonnie Tyler: Loving You's A Dirty Job But Somebody's Gotta Do It (8)

Great song. I think this is the title song of the album. I don't understand why is "Loving You's..." title of the song. There is a line:

Would you follow your dream's desire
Would you follow your secret dreams and forbidden fire

I think the original title was Secret Dreams & Forbidden Fire.

The male vocal's by Todd Rundgren. He has good voice. Not excellent, but good. I have a little problem with this song and it's the long ending. It looks like a gospel. I can compare with "The Future Ain't What It Used To Be". Well, it's a great song!

My score: 8

01 Jun 2003, 08:11
One of my personal favorites, I think Meat and Patty would sound great singing this :lol: It gets a 9/10 from me

01 Jun 2003, 10:33
Very good Jim song. Good music and lyrics.

My score: 8/9

01 Jun 2003, 20:52
except for the long ending.

this is a terrific song, bonnie and todd are given so many emotions to the songs it feels like they singing about themselves.


01 Jun 2003, 21:06
One of my favorites too!


evil nickname
02 Jun 2003, 21:23
Jim [Steinman] had wanted to call the album after its first song "Ravishing" but Bonnie thought it would be a little hard to live up to (wrongly) and named it "Secret Dreams And Forbidden Fires". (A line taken from one of the standout tracks "Loving You's A Dirty Job But Somebody's Got To Do It)

Second: I like this song, but not as much as Rebel Without a Clue. Great vocals, great story-line, but this song loses me at the end... 8/10

Renegade Angel
06 Jun 2003, 16:13
Little interesting fact for the fans from the UK - The guy who sings the male part in the video is playing Jack Dalton in Eastenders at the moment, it is the actor Hyuel(?) Bennett.

10 Jun 2003, 12:52
i think that if jim would record it now, it will sound different. Somehow this song has lost my interest over the years. 7/10.

15 Jun 2003, 09:52
This was one of the first Steinman-songs I ever heard and thus has a special importance to me. I do think that Todd is a great singer (I like his Something/Anything solo effort) but maybe his voice isn't just right for the lead role in a Steinsong. Sometimes it feels like he gets drowned under Bonnie's powerful voice.

I've understood that the ending is that long to get the first half of the LP-record full. There wouldn't have been enough room to add another song. Well, you can always skip it.


16 Jun 2003, 19:06
Now I'll get crucified- sorry but I cann't stand this song sung by anyone 5/10

03 Jul 2003, 14:05
??? Dottie, explain please. That's what this forum is about. I am interested.

03 Jul 2003, 15:00
??? Dottie, explain please. That's what this forum is about. I am interested.

This song was released during a particular time of my life when nothing went smoothly - the lyrics "Did you ever call out to me, I've never been gone - I've been right by your side" "Why don't you believe it when you finally found the truth" -" You've drinking poison water from the fountain of youth" "Why don't you stop tearing up everyone you need the most" - "Your're so busy trying to get even" - "You never even get close" these particular lyrics sum up how I felt at the time, and have never been able since to listen to this song without stirring old memories, which should have been laid to rest many years ago.

I would think that all of us have a particular lyrics/song that evokes memories that we would rather leave in the past where they belong.

03 Jul 2003, 16:26
I always imagined that Jim could've been inspired by the Charles Dickens novel "The Tale Of Two Cities" when he wrote this great song. I mean from the famous quote in that novel "it was the best of times, it was the worst of times" to the way that this song plays out "there were times we had it all, there were times we lost it all." Really great song by Jimmy, should've been a big hit. I give it 9/10.

04 Jul 2003, 06:37
I can't justify why I hate this song - it's just... errr...
There's not a grain of life in it.

26 Jul 2003, 10:45
I really like this song, although I think the male vocals are a bit weak.

This would be really good with Meat and Bonnie on Bat 3, but I also want that album to be original! :?

Maybe Bat 3 could be one disc original, one disc new cuts of other songs? Eg this and Dance In My Pants ???

26 Jul 2003, 10:47
Oh sorry, forgot the most important bit!!!