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18 May 2003, 22:14
On thursday this week the album chart put Meat and the album CHSIB on place 26 on the weekly chart (week 20) here in Sweden and it was as a newcomer.

Artists that was behind Meat on the chart was for instance Ozzy Osbourne, Robbie Williams, Eva Cassidy, The Refreshments, Justin Timberlake, Phil Collins and Roxette.

19 May 2003, 22:11
That's a lot better than here in the low lands.

20 May 2003, 03:54
It is? I thought he was big in Netherlands... What place on the chart did it went in your country?

21 May 2003, 22:00
i believe 38. Now it is falling :cry:

21 May 2003, 22:09
I didn't know that, that's disappointing.
Now I am not so 'proud' of being Dutch. :oops:

Please, keep us informed on the Swedish charts, if it is not too much trouble, Roddyboy.
Those other artists you mentioned, were they also new in your charts?

Great day to you,


22 May 2003, 00:25
No worries I will keep you all posted how Meat is doing on the charts here :)

Sad to hear that he has dropped to 38 that is very bad for being Netherlands :cry:

The ones that I mentioned were newcomers I don't know how long they have been on the list but some of them I think has been there for a while. It was only two more artists (beside Meat) last week as newcomers and they went on direct to place 19 and 21.