View Full Version : CHSIB - European Version

10 May 2003, 12:46
I've just gotten back from shopping, and just had to share this with you.

In Music Zone (Rotherham branch, anyway!) they are offering both the UK (blue) and European (red) versions of CHSIB. Strange, uh?


10 May 2003, 13:03
That is strange, you are talking about the album, right?
Maybe at one point they ran out of UK-copies and had to order some from elsewhere. Meat said the record-co would make sure there were plenty of copies, looks like they did that part right (at last, they may have done something right!).

Great day to you, Mike!


11 May 2003, 23:06
at last, they may have done something right!

They got there in the end then! Does anyone know if Meat is tied to this record company for any further releases?