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07 May 2003, 20:26
hi just wondering if this question will go through
i have some records and cds for sale if anyone is interested in buying them.
there is 12 records
7 singles
tour programmes
cheers besty

07 May 2003, 20:28
He Besty,

Ofcourse i'm interested in some stuff.... what kind of stuff is it exactly?

The Butcher, Tim

07 May 2003, 20:53
i have updated see next post[/quote]

08 May 2003, 00:20
what sort of prices are we looking at here besty?

08 May 2003, 00:50
What methods of payment would you accept?

08 May 2003, 07:11
Have the same questions as above.

Tour programs are very cool!!!

08 May 2003, 13:43
Very interested. How much are the picture discs?

08 May 2003, 16:44
i will be on later when kids are in bed around 8-9pm
to give prices

08 May 2003, 20:23
all programmes are 5 pounds
tour 1999
everything louder
back into hell
midnight lp 4.00
j stein promo 5.00 dance in my pants (with karla)
free for all lp 4.00
pandoras box double lp 6.00
stoney lp 4.00
booh lp 4.00
booh single 4.00
karla promo lp 5.00
the history of rock no 107 1984 meat on cover very rare 7.00
a 6hr video i taped from vh1 2-3 years back meat loaf day 5.00
i am selling these as i am getting a wee bit to old now lol and i would like to pass them on to loyal fans
let me know if you are after anything else and i will see if i can find it for you
i will pay all p+p within reason seeing we are all meat fans

09 May 2003, 14:32

I saw your post and i'm interested in some Tourbooks and the Dead Ringer pic disc!!

So don't know if you have it still and will sell it to me. But i hope you will and can.

Hope to hear from you.

The Butcher, Tim

mmm, did something wrong, tought i send a PM.

17 May 2003, 00:21
still have some items left if anyone is still interested

The Flying Mouse
19 May 2003, 13:34
What have you got left Besty?

19 May 2003, 13:38
Took the words right outta my mouth, Mousie :D


20 May 2003, 15:20
i have edited the list check above 3-4 postings

05 Jun 2003, 21:09
i have just found 2 cd singles
runnin for the red light promo (c/w) life is a lemon,amnesty,dead ringer live
is nothing sacred with poster (c/w) what you see is what you get live,out of the fryingpann live
5 for both free p+p if anyone is interested
also have motorama on video 5

05 Jun 2003, 21:23
right i am going to do a special for 1 week only
tour programmes 2.50
booh2 prog
everything louder
99 world tour
or all for 5
free for all lp
dance in my pants 12" promo js+kdv
midnight lost+found
padoras box 2lp
meatloaf featuring stoney+meatloaf
booh lp
karla de vito promo lp
dead ringer 7" pic disc
booh 1977 7" single
or any 3 for 5
2 cd singles
is nothing sacred+poster
runnin the red light promo
motorama video 5
or pick what you want for a special price
5 for both

05 Jun 2003, 22:23
why you sellin em??

05 Jun 2003, 22:27
getting too old and would like meat fans to enjoy them as i have done
also im more into cds+dvds now