View Full Version : I am happy, happy, so happy

27 Mar 2002, 12:30
at last after ordering it 10 months ago in a cd-shop here.
I finnaly recieved it.
I'VE GOT THE VH1 STORYTELLERS MEAT LOAF ALBUM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY ./icons/icon7.gif

that is what I wanted to share with you
greetz, Timewarp.nl


27 Mar 2002, 15:53
Aye, I found it by accident really, when it was released for like 2 months, in a small cd shop in amsterdam. FAME in Amsterdam sells it, but shops like Free record shop don't have it :/

27 Mar 2002, 23:14
Congrats Neils.

If anyone wants a Storyteller's CD, try the amazon.com second-hand shop - there seem to be a few about....and yes, I was delighted when I got mine too!

28 Mar 2002, 16:39
ppl in holland best use www.bol.com I reckon.

28 Mar 2002, 18:48
I have here also a cd-shop who can order import cd's (Pege Media). Free Record Shop can't do that. So I ordered al my Meat cd's there. The storytellers CD I ordered in september and i got it in december. I think that it is quick, because it's an import cd. But the dutch Bol.com is also a good site to order Meat cd's.

30 Mar 2002, 19:41
I think the version of Bat is the best I've heard. The guitar/bike solo is brilliant.