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05 May 2003, 23:07
Well, dear friends, I FINALLY received my copy of CHSIB, the album today. New Zealanders were getting theirs before I got mine in California!!! But I guess that's the way of the world, these days, at least, mail-wise. Slow...slow...slow--especially when it's something you REALLY want!!

I've held off from joining in many of the great discussions here on these songs. I wanted to wait to do it all at once. But I know this review, 'er NON-review, is coming extremely late. I have enjoyed what everyone else has had to say in theirs. One of the true joys of this forum is that it is a comfortable, creative and open enough environment for everyone to step forward and share their perspectives and feelings about --- well, about nearly anything concerning Meat. And it's been wonderful reading everyone's personal takes on this album.

BUT if you are tired of this sort of thing, I won't be the least bit upset or insulted if you skip on by and go on to some of the other great topics at the forum. I hope you understand that there are things I'd like to share and that this is something I need to do for me.

I'm afraid, however, it will not be any kind of traditional review. I can't look at songs and rate them 3 out of 5, 5 out of 6, 2 out of 3 (Whoops! Wrong album--how did THAT get in here?! :roll: ) . It's just not how I look at music. I'm not a trained musician, although I've played an instrument or two over the years. But I can't separate music into its component parts, and clinically discuss production values or technical details. I have to leave that kind of review to those who know more about it than I do.

I can't remember a time in my life when music wasn't around, wasn't always important to me. My mom loves to tell the story of when I was in my playpen, and I used to jump up and down and get excited when the Kate Smith Show would come on our TV. Of course, I don't remember that at all, but I guess it shows I was always attracted to the "big" voices! :mrgreen:

You see, to me, music has always been strictly a matter of the heart. I listen to new songs and if I like them, I try to figure out how they have touched me and why. Does a song make me laugh? Does it make me cry? Does it make me think? Does it take me back to a time in my life? Does it just make me want to get up and dance or if I'm in the car, does it make my head go boppin' to the rhythm? You know what I mean? It's how it makes me feel that matters to me.

And what I found, as I listened to the album all the way through for the first few times, is that there were elements of all the above, and more, for me.

Now, I've had the individual songs for quite a while and have been enjoying them. But it made a huge difference to me to finally be able to hear them in the order and in the way they were designed to be heard. I tend to listen to new albums in a strange way, anyway. I'll play them all the way through a few times and then, one song will work its way to the foreground of my heart and I'll end up putting it on endless loop for a while, as I learn it, as I take it in and as it takes ME in. Then, after a while, another song will grab my heart and the process starts again. Eventually--usually--I will make it through an entire album that way--it just takes me time to do it. (Yes, I know that's odd, friends. But many of you already know that about me! 8) So no big news... )

In recent interviews Meat has gotten away from saying that this album has a story, as all of his have in the past. But we, here, know that there IS a story. When it was first presented to us, as it is on the album, itself, it was:

Chapter One
Chapter Two

There IS a story. Now, I'm only going to touch upon this subject very briefly and move on because, quite frankly, this isn't any of my business or any one else's--aside from Meat's. But for those of us who love this man and have followed his life and his career, it seems that many of the songs here may mirror, parallel, or coincide with things happening in his real life during the past four years while this album was being created.

You know what they say about writers--Good writers write about what they know. So, perhaps, and these are just theories, mind you, it works the same for people who are talented at putting together the story of an album.

I mean, is there anyone out there upon hearing DIST for the very first time, and understanding the words, who didn't feel right then and there that this was going to be a VERY special ML album to his fans on several different levels?!

I have this theory I'm just working on. It may hold water or it may be full of holes. Let me run it by you, and see what you think. Whenever I am working on a problem or I'm in a situation which I need to think about and work through, it finds its way into whatever it is I'm doing. It certainly ALWAYS finds its way into my writing. Those of you with whom I correspond here can vouch for that! :lol: But it also finds its way into the other things I am doing.

And I've come to accept that my mind continues to work on the problem, even when I'm doing other things, but working on it from a different level. Does that make sense?

I have no idea if anything like that was working here or not. And once again, it's not mine to know that.

In a nutshell, I guess what I'm saying is that what is going on in an artist's life influences the art they produce. How could it not? But whether the art produced reflects THE truth or A truth is an open question.

But for those of us who are looking at this album more closely and realize there IS a story being told through the songs, I think it's better for us to take a few steps backwards and try to get to the larger picture. And when we do that, CHSIB turns into a very powerful story, indeed.

But one of universal themes. Now this is open to everyone's interpretation, of course, but this is how I see it:

It's the story of a troubled relationship that bounces between serious problems and the possibility of reconciliation. There is anger, there is sadness, there are hidden passions. Finally, the couple steps back and sees that it just isn't working, and separate. After an interlude of grief and introspection, our protagonist accepts responsibility for his actions, and, finding the strength and courage to stand up for himself, with regret over what might have been, accepts what is to be, and with a hope for new love, moves forward with his life...

To be honest, I don't know whether or not to tie in the final song, because we all know that it was meant to be a special message to us from someone who thought this was going to be his last album. So, I can never decide whether it belongs in the main storyline or is merely an addendum...

Okay. That's my basic outline and I look forward to others' opinions on it, changes, differences for those of you who care to talk about it afterwards. It'll be interesting, as always, hearing your points of view.

But that, briefly, is how I see it. And you see, that the themes here are totally universal. Anyone who reaches beyond themselves to try to form a relationship and keep it going can identify with many of these themes and understand them from their heart. It becomes an extremely powerful story, indeed, sung beautifully through its individual songs.

And that's where I'm heading now--to the songs, themselves. There have already been so many wonderful, insightful writings on them. So, I'm just going to share a few thoughts and feelings that I've had about them, before closing this off.

CHSIB: This is probably going to be the toughest song on the album for me to talk about. This song grabbed me the first time I heard it. How could it not--with its powerful lyrics and even more powerful performance by Meat and Patti. I very much look forward to seeing it performed live in June and August because it was meant to be...created to be...a performance song, in the traditional Meat Loaf theatrical style. (These are the first songs I've heard by James Michael and I have to say I'm totally impressed with his ability to play with and manipulate the words to give us the imagery he's trying to convey. Great songs!!)

I thought I understood this one, after listening to it several times--that is, until my family started listening to it and began to share their interpretations of what it meant. Surprisingly, at least to me, everyone had a different opinion. Then, I got confused. Did I have it right or did I have it wrong?? The argument continued here for days. I began to reach out to my friends online and ask them what they thought it meant. I got more differing opinions. (And I think that would make a terrific thread either here or in the Tyre Tracks forum. I'd love to hear what more folks have to say...) But I'll tell you, friends, what was even more interesting. In addition to explaining what they thought the song meant, each of them, in their own way, without being asked to, related the song to their own lives!!!! I started thinking, "Wow!!! What a great song this is!! Not only can everyone take it in as something slightly different from anyone else, but they can find something in it that relates uniquely to their own experience." Now to me, that's a pretty amazing feat for a song to do!!

Do I love this song? Hummm. I must admit that I cannot play it on endless loop, as I'm able to with so many of the others. I don't know why yet. I'm still trying to figure that one out. That doesn't mean I don't love it. I just can't listen to it over and over again. But I'm fascinated with it, with its images and tensions, with its amorphous yearning for constant reinterpretation....

DIST: Well, it seems like so much has happened since we first heard this one, so many months ago from German radio--before it was ever released. My first reaction, when I listened to the words--I got gooseflesh up and down my arms and the beginnings of tears in my eyes. And I still get that same reaction today, if I get myself to the point where it feels as if this is my first time hearing it.

I do love this song. In the beginning, it was on continuous loop for hours at a time. I thought my family was going to kill me! Either that, or I would wake up in the morning to find every single MP3 player in the house destroyed!! :roll: But thankfully, we all survived that.

I love the lyrics, the imagery in this song. I love the power in Meat's voice. And it has what has to be one of the best lines of ANY of the songs on this album: "I want to take you in the backseat now and slowly drive you home..." How can anyone not love that line?! It's such a powerful and sexy play on words....

WITE: (Hope it's all right with everyone that I'm using the abbreviations here. I'm taking the songs in order, if that's a help...) This was not one of the songs which grabbed me in the beginning. I listened to them all 3 or 4 times, then went on to concentrate on those which found their way into my heart first. But the strangest thing happened. One morning, I woke up and found myself humming something. For the longest time, I couldn't identify it--until it finally hit me. It was the middle "why isn't that enough" segment from this song. I was stunned. Here, there were other songs playing endlessly in the background and yet, after only 3 or 4 plays, this song had already entered my brain, entered my psyche and entered my heart. That quickly, it was already a part of me, without my realizing it!

Now, many of you know that I take care of my elderly parents. And ever since they moved in with us, my world has basically gone quiet. They don't like things too loud. And I have to admit, from everything I miss since they've been with us, I miss my volume control the most!! Meat is best listened to at a high volume! How else in the world can one appreciate the power and the glory of this voice?!

So, I waited for a time when they were watching TV in the family room and I brought the song to our main stereo system upstairs to play it the way it was intended. Loudly...

How do I describe my feelings?! I don't know whether you got to see this or not, but there was a TV ad--I think it was for speakers or something. It had a man sitting hunched down in a big easy chair in front of the speakers and the music would begin playing; his hair begins to blow and then everything in the room also starts to blow away.

That's how I feel when I listen to WITE. It starts slowly, quietly, with just Meat's voice (and the backing instruments, of course). There are background singers on this, but only for one line and even that isn't really necessary. And it just builds and builds and Meat's voice gets stronger and stronger until it reaches that middle part that grabbed my psyche so quickly. And I sat there, on a couch right in front of the speakers and as the song reached its crescendo, I FELT that powerful and glorious voice just wash over me and past me...leaving me exhausted. And as the song grows quiet again, I felt the tears welling up and overflowing...

Do I love this song? I love Meat's moving interpretation and powerful performance of this song and that is what draws me to it every time. This is the purest of the songs on the album, as Meat performs with minimal vocal backup, and seems to come from the center of him. I hope, if he decides to do it live during the tour, that he doesn't add much to it. I know that makes it harder on him, but this is one song, sort of like "For Crying Out Loud," where you're there for the power and the simple magnificence of the performance he brings to it as a solo singer.

LYOL: This was the second song to grab me. And in fact, it is probably my second favorite song on CHSIB. It is the song of choice right now and has been for quite a while, with no sign of giving up its place any time in the future.

I LOVE these lyrics, which are clever and oh, so sexy. I feel like they should make me drool. Everyone wants someone to feel that way about them. You know what I mean? And I love the countermelodies here. I love to listen to the voices playing off each other and how they fit and flow between one another. And the unusual harmonies.... This is a real fun song to try to sing backup on. Give it a try next time it's playing...But Love You Out Loud is probably not going to be an easy song to sing live. It's a great one, though, and yes, I love it!!

MOS: Well, what can I say about this song, which hasn't already been said? An amazing opening. A totally separate little poem that draws you in--not knowing what to expect next.

I love listening to Meat and Pearl singing together here. THAT is what draws me to this song. I am always surprised when I hear Pearl's voice. There is so much country influence. Because it's so unexpected, it just surprises my ears every time. I'm not quite sure WHY she is singing in the song, though. She doesn't really advance what's being said. She just sort of repeats it. So, I guess, if I were to ask a question, of any of these songs, it would be Why was MOS turned into a duet at the end, aside from allowing father and daughter to sing together--something I think fans have wanted for a long time now?

I know that one of the big complaints being made about CHSIB is that one can't find the rich, dark humor often found in Steinman songs. But you know, friends, these are not really humorous subjects we're dealing with here. I'm not sure it would have been appropriate in most of the songs. But what I have found here, aside from rich imagery in several of them, is irony and that IS appropriate for what is being sung. A good example of that are the lines:

I built this prison that I thought was a home.
And we both lived there
I guess you were living alone...

Those lines really surprised me when I first heard them. You don't often find that kind of clever irony in pop lyrics.

Intermezzo I'm really not sure what to say about this one. I suppose, as Meat once said about Fiesta De Almas Perdidas in "Welcome to the Neighborhood," it is the point of no return in the story. As Willie Wonka says, if you remember that ever shrinking room of his, "Oh, you can't get out backwards. You've got to go forwards to go back, better press on." 8)

Since I enjoy New Age music, the penny whistles are gentle on my ears and appealing. In the storyline, as I envision it, it is a time of quiet contemplation, of introspection, of inner realization, acceptance...A nice calming break...And then...

...All hell breaks loose with the next song:

Testify: (How do you abbreviate one word??!! :P ) Ahhhh, happy to be here. This IS my favorite song on the album. I believe that Meat's instinct was spot-on when the album was being called Testify and my guess is that this was supposed to be the first single. And it deserved to be. However, we all quietly know that probably due to unforeseen circumstances (thanks, Phil!), it couldn't be and plans had to be changed.

But no matter. I first heard this as one of those stupid Kazaa loops. You all know what I'm talking about? I don't think I'll ever forget people around the net listening to those and complaining to everyone that the lyrics on this album needed serious help!! I mean, duh! Didn't you just want to reach your hand through the monitor screen and tap these people on the forehead, saying, "HellOOO. Is anybody home?? Don't you realize that you've been listening to the same 45 seconds again and again and again for EIGHT SOLID MINUTES, you idiot!!!!!!! Of course, it needs better lyrics! It needs a beginning, middle and an end!!!!!" Geez. People were awfully fast to put this album down, weren't they?! It got to be rather annoying!!

Anyway, I first listened to Testify on one of those loops, understanding what they were, of course. But you know, this particular loop played here for quite a while. And I said to my family, "If I'm having this strong a reaction to just these 45 seconds, I can't even imagine how the entire song is going to affect me!!"

When a kind friend shared the promo version of the entire song with me, and I listened to it for the first time, I knew, in that instant, how great this album was going to be!!

I love this song SO much I don't even know where to begin. It's so different--a wonderful combination of rock and gospel--what could be more perfect for Meat? Incredible and once again, sexy lyrics sung at a pace only Meat could do and make them understood. It leaves you breathless. And talking about breathless, shall we mention the background singers and their part in this??!

I have one minor complaint (and believe me, it's minor). Somewhere I managed to get a longer version of this song--one that is 5 minutes and 30 seconds long, whereas this one is 4:58. Naturally, since I love this song so much, I prefer the longer one. But, as I said, that's really minor!

If any song ever cried out to be an ML video--in the traditional sense of what we think of when it comes to his music videos [yes, FireBall, funding allowing], it is THIS one!! Can't you just picture it in your head?! I hope and pray this will be the third single released! It deserves to be! THIS is the song which could go gold--everywhere!! And I just can't say enough about it or how I feel about it, so I'd better stop here...

TMD: Well, there isn't anyone who attended one or more of the "Friends Concerts" last year who didn't already love this song, flipcharts and all. What a fun performance number. And I think it's perfect for Meat--a story that has sort of been true for him most of his life, since he's had to fight so hard to get where he is, to achieve what he has. But other than that, I have nothing really new to add here. Happy it's on the album, though.

YRIWW: I'm really in a quandary about this song. It has not yet grabbed my heart, although I have no doubt it will. What I can say is that, as far as the storyline goes which we were talking about earlier, this is an essential song to the plot! We have to reach a point of being able to accept the wrongs we've done, and accept the consequences for them before we can ever move forward in our lives again. It's a necessary step. And the words certainly convey those thoughts beautifully, as does Meat's performance of them. I wish I could say more, but since music is a matter of the heart for me, I have to wait until my heart is involved before I can go on....

BOY: (Gotta love the abbreviation for THIS one!) Another ahhhh song for me. Dottie, in her wonderful review, felt there was something familiar about this song. I was raised on the music of the British Invasion in the '60s and this one just has the feeling of that--I don't know why. Perhaps it's some of the harmonies I hear in it. But it makes it sound familiar, and it brings back good memories of happy times.

This song, to me, is a little like coming home from work, getting out of those stiff or tight work clothes, getting into those comfy jeans and t-shirt and just relaxing. The song feels good on!

There isn't much to it. There isn't supposed to be. Meat said just a few days ago that he wanted to put a positive spin on this album. And this is one of the songs he chose to do just that. It's fun and it's upbeat and I thoroughly enjoy listening to it. I give it an 85. [Oops! I TOLD you it took me back to the '60s. For a moment there I thought I was on "American Bandstand"!] :roll:

DI: Oh boy. This one might not be easy to talk about. :? Like many of you, I had great difficulty getting into this song. I think it was only because it was SO foreign from anything Meat has done before. It just sort of shocks your ears.

When I first starting listening to it, I'd go downstairs to my family and tell them, "You know, I think that Do It! is starting to grow on me," while I was wiping off my shirt. "Whoops. Sorry. My mistake. That was just something from breakfast!"

Since I know that you will feel the same as my family about that joke, and demand that I NEVER, EVER use it again, I hereby promise, on my honor, that it'll be a one-time thing! Honest!! :wink:

But I'm the kind of person who never likes to give up on anyone or anything, unless I absolutely have to! And so, I continued to listen to the song, when it was its turn. I don't think this is one I would ever put on endless loop. But I tried to find my way into it.

And you know when that happened? When I realized the difference between just a regular song one can listen to and one that was meant to be performed.

I figured out that Do It! is a performance song. And I began imagining hearing it in concert, with Meat singing the words in that breakaway pace of his. And when I got into yelling the "Just Do It!" part and got into the 'attitude' of it all, it became fun.

So, I don't avoid this song, anymore. I enjoy it when it comes on and have fun with it. I'd like to see it done live and get the whole audience into it. But it'll probably shock those who have not gotten the album yet because it's not the ML music they're used to listening to....And I still think it's a great idea for Nike to pick this song up and run with it in their ads. [Hey! That was an unintentional pun, guys!! They don't happen that often!] It's a great way to focus a National audience on the new CD! (Product placement on an album--what next?! :idea: 8) )

FY: Another song I worried about when I first heard it was coming to the album. Covers are always a worry. But then, I got to thinking, "It's Dylan. Why am I worried?"


I had to pause there, friends. Most of you will have already seen that that last sentence can be taken in several ways. I figured I'd better let each of you take it whichever way you'd like!! :mrgreen:

I grew up listening to Dylan, actually. The very first live concert I was ever allowed to go to was Bob Dylan at the Columbus Auditorium, Columbus, OH. I can't remember the year. But I'm not sure if "Blonde on Blonde" had even been released yet...As time went on, though, he went his way and I went mine...[I don't know why I thought of that; my mind walks its own path sometimes...]

Anyway, I was very pleased to hear Meat's version of Forever Young. It's simply beautiful and beautifully simple. Not a lot of heavy orchestration or backup singing. It's an easy song. Easy on the ears and easy on the mind...

I'm not quite sure how or if this fits into the storyline, or even if it's meant to. We all know that since this was supposed to be Meat's last album, this was his message for all of us. And it's actually not new. It's what he's been saying to us in nearly every concert for years and years now. "Don't you ever, Ever, EVER, stop rockin'!!!!" This is just another beautiful way of saying that same thing. It's something he's wished for us for a long time.

I always listen to this song to the very end...You know, when the music changes and it becomes very quiet, I find myself sitting in my chair and the room, too, gets quiet. And the house feels quiet. It's a perfect ending for this CD. As I sit there listening to it, I find that it touches my heart and calms my soul. And I continue to sit there quietly for the entire period of silence, as if in some kind of meditation. It feels good, like I've just taken in the entire album and it's complete. It's inside me now. It's hard to put the feeling into words--that certain feeling of satisfaction. I don't know how else to say it....

And then, of course, that silence and the peaceful feeling is shattered with an engine revving up and...

MB: But you won't hear a single complaint out of me!! I was SO unhappy when I saw that this song had not made it to the CD. I loved it during the Friends' tour and in fact, I managed to get a live version of it and since last summer, whenever I felt sad or depressed or worried, I'd find myself gravitating toward this version of Mercury Blues. I came to realize that halfway through the song, I am no longer feeling sad, nor depressed, nor worried. There is just something about it which takes it all away. It makes me smile, inside and out!!

I was more than delighted to find out that it really did make the album. And it's a terrific version of the song! I love the metallic "Star Spangled Banner", and I always listen for and enjoy Meat's "owhhhh" (how does one spell that??)--well, you all know what I mean--toward the end of the song, and through the background singers' extended notes at the very end. In fact, I wait for those!! The song is a great and fun surprise here. Very glad to have it!!

So, as far as putting all this together, I feel that the things FireBall has been telling us here all these months are true. I think that this is a very different sort of album for him, one that he's obviously poured his heart, along with a lot of care and time and thought and love into. On many different levels, it is a very special album, a gift, as it were, to us, his fans, since he thought at the time it would be his last. I think, in order to 'get it,' you have to look at the album from those different levels and not just straight on, as you can with other singers and their CDs.

The quality of the effort is unmistakeable, from the words and music by all the wonderful writers including James Michael, Nikki Sixx, Diane Warren..., the incredible bass work and vocals from the extremely talented Kasim Sulton, and the other musicians, to the background singers and, of course, Patti and Pearl.

But the album is really a showcase for this glorious voice and just how good it is right now!! Meat's voice has matured, and in maturing has gained power and depth. It's a voice that can literally rock my world, force my feet to dance, send shivers up my spine and in the next moment touch my soul and make me cry.

And FireBall, if you're out there, please remember what I said in the post after your anger at the Steinman fans about agendas! Don't let anyone--fans or reviewers--tell you or convince you anything different about this CD than you already know in your heart!! :!: This is a GREAT album!!

I believe that just as BOOH is timeless because of its themes of teenage angst and sexual development--things which certainly bring back memories to each of us of the early days of our lives, CHSIB has that same potential, has the same universality, although a much different theme--one more mature, more heart-rending. I know that 5, 10, 15 years from now, when I hear Testify, for example, it will still get my blood boiling, my pulse racing. [And 15 years from now, I'm probably gonna NEED that!! :wink: ] And the simple, pure power of Meat's voice in a song like Why Isn't That Enough will still blow me away.

I think that for as long as there's a person out here who is willing to grab someone's hand and take that first step together (or take that 10,000th step together) many of these songs will still be relevant, will still have the magic to touch one's heart and move one's soul.

And when you get right down to it, what more can we ask from ANY album?!!

Thanks, friends, for putting up with such a long discussion. As always, the opinions expressed here are mine and mine alone. If you feel like sharing, I'd love to hear your thoughts, comments, opinions on anything said.

Thanks for allowing me the opportunity, ALBEIT LATE, to share my thoughts on CHSIB!!

Sending love and peace to each of you...

05 May 2003, 23:11
You really expect me to read this??? :lol:
My god.... this is long.......so long... tought you only write long emails but he... this is real big!! Men!!.... read it tomorrow!!

Very nice one! Hope to talk to you soon again.

Tim, The Butcher.

05 May 2003, 23:21
Yes, that will keep all of us busy for a while. But trust me, it is worth reading!!

THANK YOU!! MB, now did I tell just HOW much I love you, lately?

Have to go to bed now, but please folks, know it's long, but it's 'from the heart', the way I like it.


06 May 2003, 01:31

I'm glad to see that you went ahead and posted your review, it was a joy to read it. It brought up a lot of things that I had either not noticed or forgetten, and will add to my enjoyment of CHSIB. A few comments on your review:

DIST- my favorite line also has to be the "backseat" line, but there are several very powerful lines in this one- "crying in the bed that we both made", "And you know I'd drag myself through fire at your side", and "but the truth is hard to swallow when you're choking on your pride". That James Michael is mighty impressive, I may have to check out his solo album if this is an example of the type of writing he does.

WITE- I really understand your statement about missing "volume". For some reason, I never play loud music around my son- heck, it would probably be good for him, but I never do it. So, the only time I have to listen to music REALLY loud is the drive from his school to my job in the morning, and my drive home from work- a total of about 30 minutes a day. You can be sure I am playing CHSIB (usually Testify, Tear Me Down and Love You Out Loud over and over) at loud as my car stereo will go for that 30 minutes. I can be heard for blocks before I arrive at my job (where I transform into a mild mannered librarian!)

LYOL- I absolutely love this song- as you said, it is a very sexy song. I love the lines "But I still taste you on my tongue/and I still breathe you in my lungs". Again, James Michaels- he is quite a lyricist.

TMD- I had completely forgotten about the flip cards at the concert- I didn't know the song at all at the time- thanks for connecting my memory to the song.

I genuinely think this may be Meat's best album- it's richer that BOOH, though less anthemic. It's BOOH all grown up.

Sherrie :D

06 May 2003, 03:16
I genuinely think this may be Meat's best album- it's richer that BOOH, though less anthemic. It's BOOH all grown up.

Sherrie :D

I couldn't agree more Sherrie :))


06 May 2003, 08:13
What a fantastic review! It grabbed my attention from about the 1st line when New Zealand was mentioned. It is great to get others thoughts on the CD - I enjoy reading peoples opionions.

I would like to add that the song "Unsaid" which missed the CD would have fitted in perfectly. A real shame it is not on the CD.

I also love the comment from the above post about CHSIB being the grownup version of BOOH.

The theme is universal and most people can get something from these songs. Because of You would be my favorite at the moment, but Unsaid would be pretty close behind,

06 May 2003, 08:53
WOW, MB, what a great review, right from the heart!!

06 May 2003, 11:09
I couldn't have said it better

06 May 2003, 16:18
Bravo!!! I found your review insightful... I couldn't agree more. Thanks MB for sharing with us.

Jules 8)

06 May 2003, 19:13
Thank you so much for your review MB.You have such a way with words,a real ability to express your thoughts and feelings,that your posts are a joy to read.Just wanted to let you know that.
WITE is my favourite,i loved it at first hearing,reminds me of FCOL which is my all time favourite song.(i would sell my soul to hear him sing that live.)...ah well one can dream.You said"...whatever is going on in an artists life influences the art they produce...."i agree.i'm an artist.Speaking from my own point of view,what is happening in my life definately influences what i paint and also my ability to paint.Iguess its te same with musicians.
Like you i know nothing about the technical side of music,but i know what i like and i LOVE this album.

06 May 2003, 19:36
Wow what a review!!! Well put.

Oh and has anyone ever accused you of not having a lot to say :wink:


06 May 2003, 23:02
Hi MB,

First of all, I am SO happy you have the same 'feeling' about Testify I do!
This is a song the whole world should be able to treasure! If they do decide to release it, I think the sky is the limit!
Just looked at the version of testify, you talked about. Yes, it IS longer. But the lyrics are all there on the album-version, so I never noticed before.
Okay, I will stop talking about this song, but it's beyond words :bunny:
Just LOVE the bunny..

You and Jules are the only ones I know of, who talked about 'the story-line' and, I too 'listen' to the album with this on my mind. This, ofcourse is very personal and other people may have a completely different view. That is what I love so much about music, it can be 'whatever you feel it is'!
But 'I hear you'!

And most of the time, I just choose the song that I feel good about at a certain time and play it over and over, untill it is time for another!

Had the same thing when I first heard the songs, played the whole album and after that, ONLY one song at a time, until I 'got it'.

You are right, is my latest project, for some reason I haven't been able to get into that song.
Do it!!! That was a hard one, but I love it now. Took me a while though!

I can only wish I would be able to tell how I feel about each song, the way you can. But I just can't. Thank you 'for putting it into writing'!
It's a very long review, maybe I 'overlooked' some minor things, but I think it's safe to say, your comments could have been mine. If I was able to find the words!!! Thank you!


07 May 2003, 03:59
Just read your review again. Thanks for taking the time to share it and put so much thought and heart into it! :) I haven't been brave enough to attempt one yet...I'm not that confident in myself with that type of writing. But..maybe after I've listened to it a few more times..maybe I'll work up the nerve LOL. Thanks again for the insight you gave. Like Sherrie said..it made me see and hear things on it I hadn't before. Thanks again!! If you get to any concerts.. Please share a review! I and I'm sure some of the others look forward to it! Take care..

All The Best..
~Gina :)

07 May 2003, 05:28
Hello, dear friends.

I don't want to stop the great discussion going on here, but I had to write and thank you all for your very kind comments and what they mean to me. :oops:

A big Thank-you also has to go just for taking the time to read it!! I think I'm going to owe everyone a pair of reading glasses now. How are your eyes?! :wink:

You can ask R. I really worried about posting such a long message. But thanks, R., I'm glad I did!

Hey, Jen, you know, I'm really quite shy--to talk to, that is. I fumble around with the best of 'em, trying to find the right words to say (at least until I get to know someone. Then, I think they reach the point where they WISH I'd be shy AGAIN!! :lol: ).

But, as with my other siblings, writing has always been my best and most effective means of communicating.

So, I can't begin to tell you all how happy I am to be here in a place like MLUKFC and have you wonderful people to 'talk' with every day.

To me, this forum sort of feels like coming home, going into the living room, kicking off your shoes, putting your feet up on the coffee table and sitting around talking with friends. And no, we don't always agree on everything and sometimes the conversations become a bit too lively or rambunctious.

But I cannot begin to say how joyous it is to have found such a place, where people feel the same way I do about this special man and the magic he brings to the world. Some of you know that I've lived a rather isolated life--the past 2 or 3 years have been particularly insular. So, it's double or triple the joy for me to be here with you every day, and getting to know some of you and your families and the things going on in YOUR lives. I mean, is this a great place or what?!! :p

It's the first place I run to in the morning; I read what's new with everyone and then, I check out some of the other ML sites around that I couldn't (or wouldn't want to) live without. The net has, in so many ways, changed my life!

Before the 'off-topic' police come and take me away, I just need to say that I consider you, and everyone here, to be blessings in my life and continue to hold you all close in my heart.

I've been thinking how Meat must feel--what it must be like to have MILLIONS of people around the world who love you, who love what you do, who want the best for you. I can't even imagine what it must feel like! He's got to be so proud of each and every one of you!!

So, we HAVE to continue this discussion about CHSIB! It's important. The word is coming down right now that the CD is the 14th Best Selling Album in Europe and that's on a limited release, friends!!!!

Way to go, FireBall!!! :!:

We've got to keep it going! We have to talk about it and share our excitement with others! We have to continue to revel in it, as it gets released in more and more countries around the world, while people reconnect with Meat, and even more find their way to him for the very first time!! It's important! It's how each of us can continue to help, can continue to make a difference!!

What love and excitement and joy you give off here goes out into the world and is multiplied by each and every visitor who comes to the net and reads what you have to say! You have to believe that because it's true! How could it NOT be?!

So, please continue the discussion here!

Hey, Tim--"The Butcher" ALWAYS has opposing views! Let's hear 'em, mister!! (I don't think Tim likes my long posts! Good thing he's a friend and puts up with me! :roll: )

And Bren, like you, I'm praying that Meat will sing FCOL this tour. You know he promised when he goes back to Holland in December that he was going to sing it. I'm hoping it won't just be there. I would dearly LOVE to hear it sung live!!! (Give a big hug to your kids for me, will ya! You know I laugh out loud every single time I see Meshurp Werfifer and remember how that name was selected!! :wink: You have terrific kids!)

TeamNZfan, keep talking about what's happening there in YOUR country, as Meat has promised the album's release there and promotions to come!!

Gina! Welcome!!! :D Thank you, but PLEASE don't hesitate to write about CHSIB here! We're all friends and we love and support one another at this forum. Nobody cares exactly how you choose to say things. We'd just love to hear what you have to say. What's your favorite song on the album? Are you going to a concert this summer and if so, which one are you most hoping Meat will sing? Do you find yourself listening to a particular song more than others??

You see. It doesn't matter. Just talk with us. The important thing, as I said, is for all of us to keep sharing our love and enjoyment of this album with others!! And now that I've gotten some messages from you, I KNOW you have a lot of love and good things to share! :wink: So, please join us here anytime. We're happy to have to you with us!!!

And as for going to concerts, most folks here are already sick to death of me telling them I'm going TO THE VERY FIRST CONCERT ON THE TOUR--Saratoga, CA. And I'm getting SO excited about it--I can't stand it. Also got tickets for several others, but some are 'iffy' as to whether I can get there or not.

You'd better believe I'll be talking about them!!! You poor guys! Maybe you'd better get your glasses from me now!!! :mrgreen:

Sherrie, your image of CSHIB as an adult BOOH is amazing! I LOVE it!! (And speaking of giving out hugs, please give your 6-year-old a big one from me. You know that he and your family are in my prayers daily!!)

And Mariella and Jules, my dearest friends, thank you for your words of love and support! We all feel similarly when it comes to CHSIB and to Meat. It's so wonderful to have met this way and to be able to build upon our friendships from here.

Mariella--I think I may have figured out why I cannot take YRIWW into my heart. You know, I am working on unresolved problems in my life and I have come to believe that, until I am farther along with these, this song will stay outside me. I can't take it and what it means, in. Does that makes sense? Does anybody else have that problem with songs? You just can't get them or love them or perhaps, fully understand them because of things happening in your life or your world?? Just curious....

To Dottie ('er Dotster :wink: ) and Ben and Vickie as well as all the others who have read this non-review and have yet to reply--well, you guys gotta know already how I feel about you!! Keep the Meaty conversations and the love which surrounds him, going--not just here, but everywhere!!

Slowly, together, we will fill the world with ML and his many talents!! We all can do this! You HAVE to see it, as this forum alone gets new people every single day, and all the other ML websites around continue to grow and flourish.

Shhhhhhh. Listen. Can't you hear it? Can't you feel it? It's already working, friends!! 8)

So, thank you again for reading this and for replying. You really did my heart good today.

I was looking for a heart emoticon to put here for all of you to tell you how I felt, but there doesn't seem to be one to pick from.

So even though you can't see it....
Believe me, it is here!!!

Much love to you all,


07 May 2003, 07:32
Mariella--I think I may have figured out why I cannot take YRIWW into my heart. You know, I am working on unresolved problems in my life and I have come to believe that, until I am farther along with these, this song will stay outside me. I can't take it and what it means, in. Does that makes sense? Does anybody else have that problem with songs? You just can't get them or love them or perhaps, fully understand them because of things happening in your life or your world?? Just curious....

To me, it's the one song on the album I don't like. I don't think it has anything to do with how my life is going... I just don't feel anything, listening to the song. :?

07 May 2003, 19:29
Hello Mbrevard,

Nice of you.. and yes, see you as a good friend, even our distance is so large.....

Have to read it still.

I saw a post somewhere that this was a grown Bat??? Mmm. strange one.. don't even think it comes close to bat. It's more like Midnight album and Blind Before i stop and Bad Attitude.... NOt at all bad albums... but way behind Bat 1 and Bat 2.

Tim, The Buther.

07 May 2003, 19:36
I agree with Tim.

The Bats are just better than this album. But this album is better than some other Meat albums, like Midnight and Blind.

07 May 2003, 20:50
Hi MB,
Don't worry about posting long messages, it gives us more to read.we love to hear your thoughts on things.
My messages are always short because i;m so bad at typing it takes me forever to type a short message!
meant to say on my earlier message that my thoughts on CHSIB are posted on DOTTIE,S (Dotsters) OWN PERSONEL REVIEW.

07 May 2003, 21:12
Hello Mbrevard,

Nice of you.. and yes, see you as a good friend, even our distance is so large.....

Have to read it still.

I saw a post somewhere that this was a grown Bat??? Mmm. strange one.. don't even think it comes close to bat. It's more like Midnight album and Blind Before i stop and Bad Attitude.... NOt at all bad albums... but way behind Bat 1 and Bat 2.

Tim, The Buther.

it is beyond me how you can compare CHSIB with Blind and even Midnight. :roll:

07 May 2003, 22:15
Hi, everyone! Good to hear from you!

Guppie! Hi! Thanks for writing. You know, you don't seem to be alone in having problems with YRIWW. If memory serves, both Dottie and Bren, in their terrific reviews had various complaints about it, too.

I guess I'm lucky. I don't have bad feelings about any of these songs--now that I've come to like Do It!, that is. And because I have always enjoyed the Diane Warren songs Meat has sung before, I still have hope that this one will touch my heart.

How does everybody else feel about this one??

Tim!! I KNEW you'd have some opposing views, you, 'butcher,' you!! :wink:

And Michel!! HI! You never write to me anymore. I've missed you!! Hope you've been well!

Loved the photos at the website, guys! Great to see both of you at the M&G, not to mention several other people who come here!! Hey, Bart--you, too!!! :D

Looked like y'all had a LOT of fun with Meat!

I think, when the comparison was made between CHSIB and BOOH, they weren't talking about the songs and the writing, per se. I believe they were comparing the THEMES of the songs, what they are talking about.

We go from ageless teenage songs such as Paradise and All Revved Up, for instance, in BOOH and move to older, more mature subjects such as troubled relationships, regrets for things done, love lost, etc. in the new album...

So, in that way, CHSIB is the "adult" BOOH.

Does that make more sense? Does that change your minds on it or do you still want to compare CHSIB to Midnight or Blind??

And by the way, do you all have favorite songs from the new album--ones you listen to more than others?? You know me, I'm just curious... :roll:

Hey, Bren! Thanks for checking in again! YES! I read both your review and Dotties'!! And LOVED them!! I think that's how I had the courage to continue with mine!! :P

I loved the fact that we all had this feeling of familiarity with the song BOY! I wonder if EVERYONE has it?? To me, it feels sort of like a Beatles song that was never sung. :wink:

And Intermezzo, too--you both agreed that it was too short for your likings. It's such a soothing, calming piece! A lot of folks don't like New Age music, but I do--especially these days, when I can use all the 'calming' I can get, with my parents here and everything. :roll:

Decadent Wish: If you were to put this one on the album, Bren, where would you have placed it? I was just thinking about it and where it might have fit into the/a storyline. I can't decide, though. Love to hear your thoughts on it.

I think where everyone agrees is on the song Testify! Has anyone said that they don't like it?? I can't remember seeing that. It is such a GREAT song!! This one is the one to look out for! And you're right, Bren. I, too, can't wait to see it in concert!!! It's gonna rock the house!!

Thanks, guys! Great to hear from all of you. Thanks for continuing the discussion!

Love to all,

07 May 2003, 23:03
Thanks for the great review MB.

You know my biggest complaint about this album? I can't stay sitting down when Testify comes on...makes me want to get up and shake these old bones, LOL. I Testify...


07 May 2003, 23:20
PS Just finished listening to one of my all-time favorite rocking albums...Montrose. Funny, it seems to pale in comparison to CHSIB. Go figure.


07 May 2003, 23:58
Tbuck LOL.. so can I have the first dance in Cleveland when "Testify" starts? Just kidding Jules!! ;) It is a song that gets you going!! Being from the South..I grew up listening to gospel music with that type rhythm and feel! It's great! :)

Love and Laughs..

08 May 2003, 00:04
I just wanted to add some more things I like about CHSIB. Removing any theme or story and just listening to the music, I find the entire feel of the CD to be bright and positive. The music is upbeat and many of the songs make you get "happy feet", especially Testify. The overall effect is fresh and fun!

Jules 8)

08 May 2003, 00:07
Yes you may have that dance, I've danced with him enough over the years! Course, it may just turn into a "group dance", which is cool too!

Jules 8)

08 May 2003, 00:29
Jules :lol: Thanks!! I'm sure once T gets a load of me dancing..he'll probably sit me down pretty quick!!! I'm only 4'11" so I was too short for the boys to dance with! Never really learned how that well!! lol But..Maybe we'll give it a go! :P But don't hesitate to say..Hey G.. never mind.. sit down and enjoy the show! :lol:
Thanks to MB..I'll give this a go..
CHSIB..I won't take it song by song..but I really like that the songs all have their own style and feel. The vocals are powerful through out the whole CD! It's really all different from anything Meat has done in the past..and I think he wanted it that way! Kasim Sulton's influence is also prominent and that makes it all the more better! It was great to hear Pearl singing on Man Of Steel..she really has a unique voice that I really love. I'll miss her on the new tour. Tear Me Down with the spoken part! The CD doesn't do it justice..that's a song you MUST see live!! If I had to pick a favorite..I guess it would be a toss up between CHSIB and TMD! It's hard for me to choose at this point!
I'm looking forward to the tour!! Hope I can get to several shows!! It'll also be great to hear reviews and stories from fans that will get to see the tour so to so many cities! Thanks for letting me share! :) Take care..

Love and Laughs..

08 May 2003, 07:18
Testify is great... real gospel like, i think!! Cool song..... And yes, you can dance great on that song!!! 8)

08 May 2003, 08:32
Well, this place is beginning to feel like a party! I'm up for it--how 'bout the rest of you? :mrgreen:

Terry, Jules! Thank you!!

An excellent point, Jules, about the strength (and the joy) of the individual songs, as well as the integrity of the album as a whole!! Well said, my friend!!

Terry, Tim--more votes for Testify!! All right!! That's just gotta be the next single released!! Dancing--Yes! Singing--Yes!! Sitting still--fo'get about it!!!! 8)

By the way, Tim, do you have any idea how CHSIB did on the Dutch charts this past week? I haven't heard that yet. We were all hoping it would move up because of the Amsterdam concert.

Gina---YOU DID IT!! Way to go, girl!! I'm proud of you! :lol:

You know, I think that's what Meat is all about: Finding the courage and the strength to take on the challenges. To try to do the things you think you can't do. It doesn't really matter whether you succeed or fail after that--as long as you've done your best. It's the attempt that matters.

Hey, his new song Do It! becomes more central in the light of that philosophy, doesn't it?! Hummmm.

Good comments, Gina! Yes, indeed, Kasim's influence is heard throughout!! So glad he's still onboard for this upcoming tour--plus opening for Meat, when Cyndi Lauper isn't there!!!

It's a shame we won't be able to see Meat and Pearl singing together on Man of Steel live in concert. Wish they had managed to get it ready for the Friends tour last year. Ah well...

All right, Gina-- a vote for CHSIB and TMD. You definitely seem to be more into the performance songs! Don't blame you a bit on that!!

Hey, has anybody done this yet on a thread--favorite songs from the album, with someone keeping tabs on the results? Would a poll work for this--or is that too limiting?? What do you all think?

I'm getting VERY envious of all you lucky souls going to that Cleveland concert!! "Meeting of the Minds"?? Uh uh--"Meating of the Maniacs" is more like it, if you ask me!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Thanks, guys!! Keep the party going!!

Much love,

08 May 2003, 10:09
Hi MB,agree with you on Testify, it should definately be the next single that would make people sit up and take notice! You simply can not sit still to that song and it's one of those songs that you can't get out of your head ( not that you'd want to!)
i feel that way about Decadent Wish too ,that's why i think it should be on the album,it's too good a song to be relagated to a B side.
As too where it would fit ,was not thinking along those lines ,merely on the songs own merit.I don't tend to think i n terms of a theme,i enjoy each song for it's own individual merit,qualities ,beauty etc rather than judging it in the context of a theme.

08 May 2003, 10:32
Hi MB,
You'll get fed up with me! I don't have a problem with YRIWR .The lyrics are great it's just musically it lacks something.Even the quieter songs on the album like the lovely WITE are really powerful songs, YRIWR does not have this .Dotster got it spot on when she said "...the music was capable of more to do jutice to the lyrics..."that's exactly it.
i still like it as a song though.

08 May 2003, 10:45
man of steel is my favorite. he sings it so great and the melody is moving me. :D The music just before the duet opens the song and brings it to a higher level. Wow, Steinman couldn't have done it better himself :wink: '
But the voice , the performing is outstanding.

08 May 2003, 15:59
Well, MBrevard.... haven't got a clue!!! Saw nothing in the charts so....

08 May 2003, 18:19
Hi everyone!

I read that the single is #43 in Holland, the album #38. Not as well as we hoped, but remember Meat is much, much 'bigger' (:lol:) in both the UK and Germany. So, for Holland, this is not too bad. The only way is up!
In Holland it is very well possible to 'slowly' go into the top 10, and people tell me it is still on the radio a lot, so this is 'okay' for now.
Also the people I talked to really like CHSIB a lot! And they are all talking about the lottery-show! :lol:

MB, yes, we all seems to LOVE Testify! Cannot say it enough. Maybe it's too soon, with the release of the single CHSIB (I haven't given up on that one), but I just can't believe how much I love that song.
I have played it to all my friends, ofcourse, and they too, all love it.
Some time ago, I was travelling by train, listening to Testify, there were these 2 guys from Turkey!? who asked me 'what is that song you are playing, that's great'!
This song should be heard by all people all over this great world!!!

And this is just one song, because I also think LYOL, Because, Why, well, maybe every song on the album (no, not YRIWR or Do It, I think) is just as GOOD.

But when it comes to Testify, I have this 'very special feeling'.
Time will tell..

Good to be here!


09 May 2003, 02:57
I have a very hard time picking a favorite song from CHSIB. At first it was CHSIB, then Testify, then Tear Me Down, Love You Out Loud, DIST, Man of Steel, Because of You....it seems to change ever time I listen to the CD. Today I was starting with Love You Out Loud, then on to Man of Steel, Testify and Tear Me Down, looping those 4 over and over. Maybe one of these days I'll be able to pick a favorite, but right now I'm just enjoying all of them so much I can't choose. It's been so long since we had a new Meat album, it's like having a fresh smorgasbord after surviving on leftovers for years. (Why does it always come back to food? Hmmmm...)


09 May 2003, 10:19
Hi, everyone. Was away from my computer most of the day, except for the Sony Awards! Good to see more responses here.

Did you catch the Awards show? If not, it'll be repeated this morning. Pretty boring until Meat comes on and then....well, you can guess!!! :lol: He's incredible!!

Bren, NO! I'll never get fed up with your posting!! Don't worry about it. I love what you have to say. So, it's the music component of YRIWW that bothers you and Dottie, not the lyrics. Well, you know, if Meat chooses to do it on tour, I'm sure it'll be very different to hear it sung live! He and the band often change the arrangements for the live shows. I would think they'd have to, actually. Different musicians, singers..live performance versus studio....It's always fun to hear what the songs become later, isn't it?!

Oh no, I'M not thinking about the upcoming concerts or anything like that!!!! Nope, not me!! :roll:

Bart: Thanks for your thoughts on MOS! I went back and listened to the part you wrote about. It IS beautiful!! Wish we could hear it sung live, don't you?

Mariella--this bunny's just for you!! :bunny: :D Thank you for the update on the Holland charts. That IS up from last week, right? I know that's what Meat expected to happen!

And no, I am not forgetting all the other terrific songs on CHSIB--How could I? I love so many of them! But you and I have spoken about this--we have special feelings for Testify and it's wonderful to see that so many others feel the same way!!

Sherrie: I know what you mean. It just feels SO good to have new songs to listen to, doesn't it! I think that was one reason I got such a strong reaction to Did I Say That? the first time I listened to it!! This glorious voice which has become SO familiar after listening to it for hours on end and all of a sudden, there's a song I don't know!!! Wonderful feeling--and another reason it played on endless loop for long time, while I learned it!! Nothing stays too new for long, does it!!! Well, not around here, I guess. :wink:

I'll never get tired of listening to the old ones, mind you! :P But it's nice to have new ones to add to the repertoire. And you're right. These songs do seem to fit with one's moods, so it's quite understandable that you would prefer one on one day and another (or two or three) the next!!

Friends, I have gotten some PMs from people asking me to explain what I was discussing in my second posting on this thread--What I feel is already working, and why I think it is so important we all keep talking about the album and expressing our feelings about it.

So, if no one minds, I'd like to go into that a bit more here, even if we do get a little metaphysical. Hey, some of you already know I'm a bit weird. I'm from California. What do you expect?! :twisted: I guess no harm will be done then, if I continue on this subject. It'll just cement that thought in some of your minds. :mrgreen: )

Please bear with me for a few minutes while I try to put all this into words and images and then feel free to add your comments and feelings, if you'd like to...

I have this picture in my head. Let me see how well I can share it with you. I picture this MLUKFC forum as the resting place for a large pot. We (all of Meat's fans here) go into making this pot the size it is. Meat is the heating source. He's what gives it its initial energy. And our enthusiasm is the water inside. Is that clear so far?

As we, the pot, get excited about something our heat source is doing (in this case--and from now on in this example, we'll be talking about CHSIB), the water with our enthusiasm heats up, begins to boil, continues to boil higher and higher, until it splashes out...

It splashes onto others who are, perhaps, just finding their way to MLUKFC and then, they, too, become enthusiastic and excited about the new album. They join the pot, making it larger, making it overflow even more than before...

Eventually. the spillout becomes so great that it meets up with, say, David's site, which contains another pot, with the same heat source, bubbling and churning and also boiling over with the enthusiasm of the people who visit IT. And its boilover also touches others, making its pot larger and the spillover greater...

Then the spillover from both of those meets up with Eva's German website and that spillover finds it way to Jen's Multimedia site and Guppie's Dutch forum and OIFC's website and Vicki's site and on and on and on, each growing larger, each giving off more enthusiasm, bringing more and more people into this....

Okay. Everyone have the image now?

I don't know if Sherwin-Williams Paints is just a US product or if it is International. But they have a slogan here which is "Sherwin-Williams: Covers the Earth." And that is the extreme of what I'm talking about. No, we will never exactly cover the entire world, telling every single person in it about this album and how we feel about it, but working together like this, we can certainly reach a LOT more people than would have known about it if we hadn't been here.

People have been asking, during this time between singles, what can we do? The rerelease is coming. The album sales continue...

What we need to realize, though, friends, is that we--each one of us--have the power to spread the word, to share the excitement, the enthusiasm we feel for both this man and this album. It is that enthusiasm and energy which makes the pot(s) boil over and onto those who have yet to hear about them.

It is especially important to keep the talk going, to keep the positive feelings going about it, while the CD continues to be released in country after country. We know that new folks will be hearing the singles or cuts from the album and will begin to search for more information about it. They'll search to find out what others have to say, how others feel about it, to decide whether or not they, themselves, want to go out and purchase it.

Does the idea flow so far? (no pun intended, really) :roll:

I just flashed on a song from "Jesus Christ Superstar"--I don't know why--silly brain makes unexpected leaps all the time.... "What's the buzz? Tell me what's a happenin'. What's the buzz?..." Don't know if that really fits here or not, but....you get the idea. People will begin to come from these other countries, looking in places like this wonderful forum, for what each of us has to offer!!!

So, what has already been done, in terms of emails and phone calls, etc. is, in a very real sense, an example of sharing that excitement and our love for CHSIB. And that must continue, especially when the rerelease in the UK comes out! But what we are all doing HERE right now is EQUALLY vital--to keep that "buzz" going, as new people keep coming, and they WILL keep coming, friends. We see that here every day. And as I said in the earlier post, not only here, but all the flourishing ML websites, forums, messageboards, mailing lists around the net.

We must keep the pot boiling wherever and whenever we can. And obviously, we need to think larger than the net, as we have been. We need to remember to take this back to our homes, our neighborhoods, our communities, the streets in our towns, and continue the process there.

If you don't believe or want to accept what I'm saying here--that just enthusiasm and excitement can make a difference and have a major effect on CHSIB's chances for continued success around the world, let's look at a perfect example of it that Meat just gave us yesterday at the Sony Awards.

I found the show, for the most part, to be laid back, calm--I hate to use the word and I don't mean to be insulting, but it was BORING, for the most part. There were no rousing speeches made, only a few halfway amusing jokes...it would have been easy to fall asleep during--in fact, we did here, for a very short time. (Hate to admit that, too, but it's true!)

And then, all of a sudden, who walks in and takes over the stage: :lol:



Everthing changed. The energy changed. The entire feeling, the mood of the show changed and more importantly, remained changed for the rest of the ceremony (thanks to Grace Jones, as well)!

Meat's excitement and joy of life and his ability to share the sense of fun and laughter was contagious! It filled that hall!! It went so far as to fill and overflow onto all of us who were watching it from our computers!!

I felt alive again!! Didn't you have that same reaction??!! I mean, what a difference!!!

You see what I'm trying to say? And the real joy of it is that EACH OF US has that SAME ability to give off that much enthusiam, that much excitement about Meat and this project! And whoever comes here (or any of the other places we share these feelings) will catch that 'buzz' and give off some of their own!!! And theirs will bring others in and so on....

Now, as I said earlier, this is sort of metaphysical in nature, but take a few moments and think about it, and think about the power we DO have to help Meat with this album in the coming weeks and months. But it's important, first, to believe in this and the power we have. It IS real. It IS already working and has been since the first release of the single and the album!!

It's also extremely important to try to keep things as POSITIVE as possible. Negative feelings and emotions can also get transferred, and they are not what Meat needs from us right now. They will not help the cause.

Now, I'm not saying that any of this should be phony. That's counterproductive, too. It HAS to be real. It has to be from the heart, which shouldn't be a problem for most of us. It is, indeed, what we already feel inside.

So, we should try to stay positive, emphasize the positive feelings we have, finds ways to reverse the negatives which come our way, because positives will do the most good for him and CHSIB.

I recently heard a rumor that the release of the CD may, once again be delayed in the US. I'm hoping and praying that isn't true, as the band begins rehearsal this week and Meat will join them in another week or so, to begin getting ready for the upcoming tour.

I feel SO bad and sad for him, if this happens! He's filling concert venues with thousands of people, each of whom would probably go out to the stands and buy a copy of the album right then and there!! And what about local promotion, which he will probably be doing? It's not easy to tell people, "Hey, go out and buy this CD--in another 2 or 3 months!!" That's not like looking at the camera or talking in the mike and saying, "HEY, go down to your local record store right now and buy this thing!!!"

You know what I mean?! All these potentially lost opportunities....

Thinking about it now (hindsight is always 20/20--isn't that the expression?), the upcoming tour should have been totally reversed. Meat is needed RIGHT NOW in the UK and Europe, to help with album sales by doing promotions. He needs to continue to do exactly what he is right now. And that's gotta be why he's staying there as long as he is--mid-May, just 4 weeks or so before the US tour starts.

He also needs to be going to the various countries and doing more promotions as CHSIB is released there...

So, I suppose, he should have done the US part of the tour when the CD came out over here--later in the year. But then, who knew that it was going to work out this way?? And I'm sure, once they did, some of the venues had already been selected and finalized...so....this is the way it is.

And yet, to show that negatives CAN almost always be turned to positives, this is not a hopeless situation. It's not the best news, but still, every person who attends one or more of these early concerts and listens to some of the new songs, as well as other folks who learn that a new Meat Loaf CD is coming, will become SEEDS. They may eventually go out and buy it when it's available. But that's where WE come in again, dear friends. It will be up to US, with our 'boiling pots of enthusiasm' from what we are doing here and in our communities, to help keep these seeds well-watered!! (Oh, don't you just LOVE it when extended metaphors work out??!!! :p )

So do you see how important all this becomes?!!! Do you see how important each one of us can be to this project? Can you feel the power?

During these past few weeks, the creativity in people here has astounded me! They've been showing us all sorts of ways our feelings can be shared: Chris playing the album 13 hours straight in his store. People driving around their towns, with the music blasting from their cars. Fans continuing to request it be played in record shops and pubs and anywhere else they can manage it....you know all this already. This is nothing new and there are plenty of other threads in this forum where you can see what's been done and needs to continue to be done.

But, we MUSTN'T FORGET that another part is also vital and that is to continue these conversations, these reviews, these discussions where we each share our feelings, our thoughts, our enthusiasm and excitement for this album -- as the Beatles sang, "Here, There and Everywhere." This is something every ML fan can do in the days and weeks ahead!

So, this is what I meant the other day and what I was hinting at, that got some peoples' curiousity up enough to write to me about it. This IS already working, friends. You just have to believe in it, accept it and keep doing it!! It does work! And Meat, himself, showed us this answer. We had only to see it and realize it!!

As always, looking forward to your comments and opinions on this and ALL topics relating to this thread!

Sending much love to each of you,

09 May 2003, 14:25
Hi MB,

Always a pleasure to read your posts! You have such a beautiful way of describing what you feel, that is a gift. Once again, thank you for putting into words what I felt for some time now.

This IS happening and I CAN feel it!! This 'movement' that started a few weeks ago, is already 'an army of love'. Not all of us may operate from this site, that's also very good, the more places 'we spread the word', the better!!

Proud to call myself one of your biggest fans. Funny thing for me to say because I feel all people are equal. And I gues you would say 'this is not about me" and you are right. It's about these precious songs.

So let these songs be heard. Spread the word!!! I am turning into 'some kind of priest' here, this is also quite funny :lol:

Right now, I am playing Do It!
After a few minutes I will listen to some other music, but like you said MB, if I can get into Do It, there must be hope for YRIWR!!! :lol:

Great day to you,


09 May 2003, 19:48
Thanks, Nariella, for your very kind words and for your never-ending enthusiasm!! It means a lot to me and to everyone here.

But you make a very good point. We ARE all equal here. We are all just good soldiers in Meat's army. We all have our 'jobs' to do, whichever ones we choose to make our own. And no one's job is any more important than anyone else's!!! This is real teamwork!!

Good things for all of us to remember! 8)

Much love to everyone,

09 May 2003, 19:58
Ok i am going to stick my neck out here!!!

I know it is a cover, but I really think one of my absolute favourite songs on the album is Forever Young.

I love the original but i think the cover is even better, it really seems to suit Meat's voice. Somehow if Meat really fels a song you just can't seperate his voice and the song if you know what i mean. You don't think 'Meat is singing a good song', it is more like he is actually just singing his thoughts to you.

He is an amazing man!!!

10 May 2003, 09:54
Hi, Badger! Welcome and thanks for sharing your thoughts here. :D

No, I don't think you're sticking your neck out by saying you really enjoy Forever Young! A lot of folks would agree with you.

I've found that there is certainly something quite satisfying in it. Something very calming to me.

And I can picture it being sung in concert with the audience either singing along, or just sort of swaying to it, if you can see that in your mind....

And it's a perfect ending for this CD. And quite a lovely message that Meat wanted to leave his fans with!!!

What a terrific comment about not being able to separate Meat's voice from the song. I really like that image! I understand entirely what you're trying to say!! And I couldn't agree more that Meat doesn't just sing a song--he performs it with his entire heart and soul!!

He's one-of-a-kind, Badger!!

Have you ever had the pleasure of seeing him perform live? And will you be going to any of the concerts in the upcoming tour??

Thanks for keeping the conversation going!! :lol:


10 May 2003, 11:17
Mbrevard may post not so much.... but when she posts.... pfffff... they are hugh!!!! :lol:

10 May 2003, 15:56
Badger _ I agree with you totally - I love Forever Young probably because it just about sums all my feelings about music and life in general and I have lived quite a long time :lol: This one song can lift me so high when I'm feeling slightly below par and depressed

10 May 2003, 17:13
Thanks MB! :lol:

I've been busy with school :( so i've only just read your post! i have to say i also end up with the continuos looping of different songs so i don't think it at all wierd!

at the moment my favs have to be Testify and LYOL they just cheer me up! when im feeling glum when i get in from school i stick these two tracks on and end up feeling full of bounce. the best way to discribe them is "ummphy!" if you know what i mean, you just cant sit still to them. :D :D :D :D :D

11 May 2003, 10:05
Good morning, everyone! (Well, it's early morning here in California!! :? )

To Tim:


That is probably the SHORTEST post you'll ever see from me, mister!!! :mrgreen:

Enjoy it!! (And read some of the longer ones, too, will ya??!! :roll: )

Hi, Dottie! I know we're all going to get so sick of this response-- C.H.S.I.B.[M.]!! (Think I'll just abbreviate it from now on. Everyone understands it, anyway.)

Love ya, lady!!! :D

HI, Meshurp Werfifer!!!!! I'm SO glad to hear from you again! How's school? And how's your mom doing?

You certainly picked my two favorites from the album right now!! Both those songs are almost always playing here these days. Find that I've been listening more to Testify right now. Don't know why. But it's to the point where I'm ready to start calling ML--"Brother Meat"! :lol: Don't know how HE'd feel about it, though!

Hope you're still spreading the "gospel" at school and with your friends!! Haven't asked you if you'll be going to any of the concerts with your mom. Hope so!! It's only fair since you turned HER onto him several years ago!

Hugs to everyone there!

Thanks, everyone, for keeping the positive talk going!!

Love to you all,

11 May 2003, 10:27
Heheeh MBrevard....

The shortest post of you??? Okay.. and sure i will read the longer ones... He... but talk to you soon he, by mail!!!

The Butcher, TIm

11 May 2003, 14:38
HI again MB!!

Schools awful....i'm taking my maths GCSE a year early :roll: and Meats music is the only thing stopping me going mad! :? ......

i think LYOL is kinda being played more than testify, but thats only because its the first of the two to appearon the CD, i get to that piont and oput it on repeat and sort of forget about the rest of the CD for a bit (bad meshurp!)

We are all going to one of the concerts in birmingham in november!!

oh! and on wednesday i managed to convert another of my freind to Meat Loaf. :lol: by playing meatloaf constantly all the while she was round my house!!! :lol:

Bye mee.

11 May 2003, 23:20
oh! and on wednesday i managed to convert another of my freind to Meat Loaf. :lol: by playing meatloaf constantly all the while she was round my house!!!

Don't you love it when someone starts liking Meat? My girlfriend was very sceptical, but when I got tickets to Hyde Park I persuaded her to come and now she thinks he is the coolest guy in music! She's coming with me to London now and has started borrowing my albums (although I think I will have to get her some so I don't keep losing them!)

The Meat revolution is upon us!

12 May 2003, 15:24
Hi, Meshurp Werfifer. I didn't realize you could take your GCSEs early. We don't really have them in this country. It's been a LONG time since I've been there, but we do have something called SATs instead. Not sure if they are the equivalents or not to what you are taking. Is this something you elect to do or your teachers, classes, allow/invite you to do early?

Best of luck to you in the exams. I'm sure you'll do well. Sounds like you're really hitting the books to get ready for it!!

That's wonderful news about Birmingham. Hope you and your mom will both give reviews of the concert here at the forum in the autumn!!

I know what you mean about Meat's music helping you through the bad times. I'm sure everyone has their own stories of how the older songs have been there for them, and are developing ones for these new songs from CHSIB, as you are. Heaven knows, he's helped me through enough of them here, and continues to, I might add!! :roll:

There's just something about the music, and the man, himself--which gives one the strength, the courage--and sometimes, just the stamina--to keep on trying, keep on fighting, keep on going, isn't there?!!! And sometimes, meshurp werfifer, it's just a lovely escape from the torments and trials we're put on this earth to go through!! :D

Hope he continues to help you there. Keep us informed on how it's going!

And to you AND Badger, congrats on continuing to bring new Meaty fans to the fold!!

Badger, I like your attitude--a LOT!! Meat Loaf Revolution!! YES!! Where are my knitting needles?? Gotta get those bad reviewers' names down! (Sorry. Just reread "Tale of Two Cities" a little while ago and it's still on my mind when someone mentions a revolution!!) :roll:

If your girlfriend is connected to the net, be sure to guide her in the direction of the forum! It'll be wonderful having both of you here!

Take good care, everyone. Hope your day is off to a great start!!

Love to all,

12 May 2003, 17:58
Welcome to the meatloaf fan recrutmant agency, we will turn you to the way of the Mighty Meat!

Hi MB,

we do SATs as well as GCSEs! :cry: we only have the option of doing our maths early, we get to choise whether we want to do it or not(with the approval ofour teacher) out of a year of around 200 poeple only twelve of us are doing it this year! :roll: (oh help im insane!!!!!!!!!)3 week until i fail. :(

8th row at birmingham!!!! :lol:

12 May 2003, 19:33
Badger, I like your attitude--a LOT!! Meat Loaf Revolution!! YES!! Where are my knitting needles?? Gotta get those bad reviewers' names down! (Sorry. Just reread "Tale of Two Cities" a little while ago and it's still on my mind when someone mentions a revolution!!) :roll:

If your girlfriend is connected to the net, be sure to guide her in the direction of the forum! It'll be wonderful having both of you here!

Thanks :D It is always interesting to read your posts.

I am working on a personal internet revolution for my girlfriend at the mo :)

13 May 2003, 15:20
An alternative review of Testify

Testify,well what can i say,
It lights up my life and brightens my day.
I listen once,then have to have more,
I can't keep still, so i dance round the floor.
Icollide with the unit and trip over the cat
Amid cries of "at your age you should know better than that"!!!
Iforget the bruises,the aches and the sores
And play it continuously whilst doing the chores.
If i iron whilst listening to Heaven can Wait
The ironing gets done.....but the pace is sedate.
If i iron whilst listening to Testify
The ironing gets done in the blink of an eye!
Calling the kids at crack of dawn
Is usually met with a series of groans and a yawn
But play TESTIFY full volume at 6am
They're out of bed before you can count to ten!!!

This is on topic but as its in verse was not sure if i should post it here.If you decide to move it to little poets thats fine.

13 May 2003, 15:37
Good morning (I never know which time zone to say hi in! :roll: ).

Meshurp Werfifer, two sets of tests? My sympathies!! I remember just the one and that was enough!

What's the advantage of taking the math test early? Just curious, since only 12 of you decided to do it.

And by the way, don't say you're going to fail. Don't even think you're going to fail. You need to keep positive. I'm being serious here. You need to think positively. You need to keep talking as if you have already passed the test! I know it sounds silly, kiddo. But that, in addition, of course, to all the studying you are now doing, WILL help! :D

Eighth row! All right!!! You guys must have called for tickets REALLY early! How big is that arena? Do you have any idea? Is it a totally seated venue or are there standing areas, as well??

Hi, Badger! Thanks for stopping by again. And thank you, also, for your kind words. You are fairly new here, but you have added an enthusiasm and joy in your postings around the forum and I, too, have enjoyed reading yours!! Please stay with all of us for a while. Okay?

"A personal internet revolution"??? Oooh... Sounds kinky! :mrgreen: Sorry, couldn't resist! :P

You mentioned Hyde Park last year. Did you say that you both would be going to some of the concerts this year, as well?

How does your girlfriend like the new album??

Bren!! I was just about to post, when I saw your Testify review/poem!! It's brill!!! I LOVE it!! Thank you. You just got MY day off to a great start!!! Sounds like yours has been interesting, too! :lol:

I hadn't thought about about playing Testify full volume at 7 in the morning for my two 89-year-olds here. Do you think it would do anything for them??? Hummm. May have to give that a try. Mornings aren't too easy around here! I'm not sure if it would help them or ME, but I can use all the help I can get! :wink:

Thanks, Bren!! Big hugs to everyone there!

Hope everyone has a great day!!


13 May 2003, 16:02
Hi MB,

Good to see you here. Always a pleasure!
Hope you have a great day, specially after reading that beautiful poem Bren has written! Thank you, Bren!

My children don't like Meat Loaf at all. Wonder what I done wrong? :??:
But they think Testify is 'okay'. Glad about that because they have to listen to it over and over again! :lol:

Great day to you all,


13 May 2003, 16:34

Same story here- my son (6) doesn't really like ML music- he says it hurts his ears- but he loves "Testify". It must be that Southern Baptist background we've raised him in- the boy knows good gospel influenced music when he hears it! He gets so tired of the Storytellers DVD that he actually groans when I put it on, but he loves to hear Testify. (I almost don't want to tell him they are both ML, for fear that he'll lose his love of Testify!)


13 May 2003, 17:58
Both my children love Meat but as they were born listening to him I guess they had no choice :lol:
My daughter is doing her GCSE at the moment so I kinda know what you are going through (sort of second hand) :cry:
My son has done some of his National Testing as well recently
My fav track is Why Isn't that Enough at the mo as well as LYOL

13 May 2003, 18:11
Hi, Badger! Thanks for stopping by again. And thank you, also, for your kind words. You are fairly new here, but you have added an enthusiasm and joy in your postings around the forum and I, too, have enjoyed reading yours!! Please stay with all of us for a while. Okay?

Thankyou, I hope to stay for a good while as yet :)

"A personal internet revolution"??? Oooh... Sounds kinky! :mrgreen: Sorry, couldn't resist! :P

Well, I am quite sure I have no idea what you could be reffering to, I am but an innoncent young soul :twisted:

13 May 2003, 18:39
Thanks MB,
Thanks Mariella,Glad you liked my poem. :D

14 May 2003, 16:23
Hi, friends!! Hope your day is off to a great start!!

Lorraine! Welcome! Thanks for stopping by! So, you're going through what Bren is with Meshurp Werfifer! It's been such a long time since I've been there, but I do remember the pressure these kinds of tests put on kids!! But these other tests I haven't heard of. We just had the SATs. What is National Testing? Do these tests allow the kids to be considered for other schools, colleges, etc.? Just curious as to where they lead.

I don't have children, and thankfully, the only tests my dogs have to pass are their yearly physicals! :lol: Guess I got it easy!!

Good choices, Lorraine, for favorite songs on CHSIB!! Lots of folks around here would certainly agree with you {she wrote, as LYOL plays in the background. Funny, that!}. 8)

Well, Mariella and Sherrie: Sounds like we've gotta problem here. Kids not liking Meat????!!!!! Could it be because their MOTHERS ARE SO CRAZY ABOUT HIM????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hummmmmmm. A little jealousy factor? Or is it just not their kind of music------YET?? (I believe that Meat comes to all of us, in his own time and in his own way! :wink: )

But what I found extremely interesting about both your responses is their reaction to Testify! Is this the universal song that everyone, I mean, EVERYONE can/will love, no matter how they feel about the rest of Meat's music, no matter how they feel about music, in general?

If children, in their innocence, gravitate toward it, I find that really fascinating.

What do y'all think??

And as for them not liking Meat, I guess we can't ask Bren how she got hers to like them--because THEY're the ones who turned HER on to him. :roll: Someone else have some suggestions?

And as for you, Badger:

Well, I am quite sure I have no idea what you could be reffering to, I am but an innoncent young soul :twisted:

Oh yeah!! We're all sitting here believin' that one!!!! :mrgreen:

Hope everyone has a great day!

Love to all,

14 May 2003, 17:25
Good morning MB!

Yes, I think you may be right- there may be a bit of jealousy on my son's part about how much I like ML. I play his music, videos, etc whenever I have a free moment and my son would prefer that I play with him 24/7. (though I practically do!) Also, in my case, I think he had picked up a bit of a dislike of ML from my husband. My husband refers to ML as "meatballs", for some reason. (Though the other day I was playing BOOH and when he heard "2 Out of 3" he said "There is no way that's a meatballs song! I love that song!") Maybe there is hope for him yet- if only we can get him to say ML's name right!


15 May 2003, 16:09
If i tell my friends i am a fan of Meat Loaf... thay always say Meat Loaf in Dutch = Gehakt brood.... and they think it's funny... can't laugh about it.

16 May 2003, 09:06
Hi there, friends!

Hey, Tim. I have to admit, if you ever came up to me and said "Gehakt brood," I'd probably laugh, too! :roll:

Somehow "Couldn't Have Said It Better" by Gehakt brood does NOT have the same ring to it!!! 8)

Anybody ever tell you you're a SILLY person, mister?!!! And I don't think Heat's influence on you has helped at all! :mrgreen:

Oh, by the way, have you PM'd Sara Douglas yet?? Ah, come on. You can tell US!! We KNOW you want to!! http://www.conubic.com/graphics/hearts.gif

Ah HA, Sherrie! Just as I thought! The son AND husband are both starting to revolt. Now, you see, this has me a bit worried. After reading some posts in other threads on the forum, we can see that other women are beginning to have the same problem with their husbands. Is there a pattern forming?? :wink:

Badger, just a few days ago, said quite clearly here that the "Meat Loaf Revolution is upon us"! I'm sure he didn't mean that husbands and children would be the ones revolting, did he :??: :!:

As for calling ML "MeatbBalls," I think you'd better find out if your hubby is related to Tom Snyder!! Did you ever see the first interview Meat did with him on his late night show back in '78? Tom kept calling him "MeatBall" throughout the whole program! And the sad (infuriating) thing is, HE wasn't kidding! That's what he was honestly calling him!! 8O

My dad teases me all the time by calling Meat "Roast Beef." Only thing is, I know he likes him, so he's doing it just to get my goat! (Hey, wait a minute! Is anyone else around here getting hungry??) :roll:

Hey, Tim. You know I make a pretty mean Gehakt brood. Shame you live so far away. If I were to send one to you, by the time it got there, you'd probably think "mean" was a pretty accurate description! :evil:

Take care, everyone! Hope you're all having a terrific day!!

Love to each of you,

16 May 2003, 10:42
Same story here- my son (6) doesn't really like ML music- he says it hurts his ears-

I have trained my 4 year old son well. He knows all the words to 'Forever Young' which annoys his father who doesn't like Meat and is trying to get him into Frank Zappa instead! 8O He will NOT succeed :lol:

16 May 2003, 10:49
I meant, he knows all the words to 'because of you'. :oops: forever young will be the next one he learns by heart! :D

16 May 2003, 14:06
MBrevard wrote:
Ah HA, Sherrie! Just as I thought! The son AND husband are both starting to revolt. Now, you see, this has me a bit worried. After reading some posts in other threads on the forum, we can see that other women are beginning to have the same problem with their husbands. Is there a pattern forming??

Well, clearly it's ML's overwhelming influence as the Sex God- our spouses fear our strong reactions to ML so they revolt! My husband did agree to go with me should ML schedule a Florida concert (please, please schedule a Florida concert) later in the year, so that's progress I guess!

Sherrie :lol:

17 May 2003, 09:08
Hi, Louise!!! Welcome!

Go, girl, go!! "Because of You" is an excellent start!! (By the way, which Zappa song is your hubby trying to teach him?)

Well, one thing's for sure. Your 4-year-old is bound to be a rocker--one way or the other!! :lol: Let's try to keep him away from the 'dark force,' though!!! :p

Sherrie, Meat has GOT to be coming to Florida--if not during the first leg of the tour, then the final leg of it. And you know, once your hubby goes to a concert, Meat's got him!!! :wink:

It's only a matter of time...!!! Right? As I've said before, Meat comes to each of us in his own way, in his own time!!! (Of course, most of us ladies wouldn't mind him coming to us as he came to Dottie on G.N., but hey, that's another story!!!! :mrgreen: )

Have a great Saturday, dear friends, wherever you are!

Love to you all,

17 May 2003, 17:11
:? Hi all,
i`d just like to say, i`v got a 9 year old girl who has been putting up with me playing my CHSIB cd over and over again since i got it a week a go, to my amazement she has learnt all the words even song no`4 Love you out Loud, am i being prudish or are these the word that a 9 year old should`t sing.She has no idea what they mean i realy don`t wona sound as though i`v a one track mind but to me it`s a sexual song,(am i wrong),i`v said she should`t sing it till she`s old enough to understand it, :oops: it` aint right when we`r in the car with my Mum & Dad and she`s got it word perfect. Please tell me if i`v got this all wrong, being new on this forum forgive me if i`v put this in the wrong place. :roll:

17 May 2003, 17:41
personally mumfej, i think that its fine. im sure that you've brought her up in the right way so that she knows what to say and what not to say. if shes singing it in a song, i dont see any problem. but thats just my opionion. :D

17 May 2003, 20:55
Hi! Terrific answer, Ben! Thanks for responding! :lol:

Mumfej, thanks for coming here. So nice to hear from you.

I certainly agree with Ben! Your 9-year-old is innocently singing a song, that she does not understand. So, there are NO sexual references there.

To an adult ear, it's obviously different. But she's singing the song because she likes the melody and the sounds of the words. I, myself, like to sing along with it because the words flow so smoothly, that it actually feels good to sing it.

If you tell her not to, she won't understand and begin to question why. That might lead to more questions from a 9-year-old than you care to answer at this point in her life.

This is a truly innocent act. Even adults sing songs that don't relate directly to their lives. Music enriches everyone's life--that's one reason we're all here at this forum. I'd say, allow her her innocence and joy of the music of CHSIB.

I'm teasing here, but if anyone asks about it, you can always tell them it's a Meat Loaf song and they'll probably laugh and understand entirely!! :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

If you want to talk about it more, Mumfej, please feel free to come by here again anytime. We'd all love to hear from you!


18 May 2003, 12:49
:lol: Thanks MB and Ben,i know i`v made more off this than i should have but i don`t want people laughing at her,especially at school, your right if she loves the words as i do she should be able to sing the song. :wink: thanks again for your advice
love mumfej :P

19 May 2003, 11:20
Hi, Mumfej! I'm so glad that you're feeling better about your daughter and her singing these songs.

When you think about it, this is actually something nice that the two of you have in common right now--your love for CHSIB! So, relax and have fun during this time with her, as I'm sure you are!!

I'm also sure that Meat would be very happy to hear how much you are both enjoying the new album!! It's something he's obviously poured his heart and soul into! That, above all, shines through, doesn't it?!!

Thanks, Mumfej, for stopping by again! Come by and chat anytime!! :lol:


30 May 2003, 04:28
mumfej wrote:

, i`v got a 9 year old girl who has been putting up with me playing my CHSIB cd over and over again since i got it a week a go, to my amazement she has learnt all the words even song no`4 Love you out Loud, am i being prudish or are these the word that a 9 year old should`t sing.She has no idea what they mean i realy don`t wona sound as though i`v a one track mind but to me it`s a sexual song

I finally got to play CHSIB in the car today while my husband was driving (only because it's my birthday- any other day we have to listen to Garth Brooks while he drives!) and he was a bit startled by the lyrics to "Love You Out Loud". Sheesh, I think he's been listening to too much sissy country music!
My six year old son has learned "Hot Patootie", and now it's ALL about his bootie, so far as the way he sings it. It used to just be the title line, but now he has found a way to relate every line to his bum. Goodness, I can't wait until he sings it for his Dad, the aforementioned country music fan!

:lol: Sherrie

30 May 2003, 10:24
Sherrie! I think that's a BIG step in the right direction--you got your hubby to actually listen to the songs!!! Next stop--the concerts!!!

You can do it!! :wink:

I wish I could hear some of these kids singing Meat's songs! What a riot!! I love it! Please share your husband's reaction, when he hears your son! (Saw his photos, by the way! What a sweetie he is!! ) :lol:


30 May 2003, 11:10
one of my friends saw the GN show n thought the performance was great n thought Meat rocked, but three days l8r and its 'i've gone off his music now, i dont like it!!' how dare she!! she said she still liked Meat tho!!

i thought i had finally turned someone to listen to his great music but no.