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29 Apr 2003, 02:53
Hi everyone

glad to be back on the forums again!

Just a few comments to Fireball

THE ALBUM IS AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think this is better
than any Steinman penned album - I wish you lots of success with this and hope it continues to do well in the UK. #4? That is just great news!
I hope this album goes 6x platinum and hits #1. Your voice is 100% back
even better than it was in 77', you just keep getting better and better.

I am however curious if you will book any Canadian tour dates this summer? I am really hoping to see you on your last world tour but there havent been any shows listed that I can attend yet :( a good friend who I attend highschool with would like to go to one of your shows with me.

30 Apr 2003, 00:32
Yes, I really think this is the best album you've made so far! Everytime when I listen to the songs I hear more and more details.

The songs are melodramatic and also rockin' , but also sensitive. Offcourse the lyrics are great!
But if I may have a little point of critisism, please don't use a drumcomputer again.

The M&G and the show in Amsterdam where GREAT, I've never thought I would say to skip the summer and hoping to be winter soon. This because of your next gig in Holland, hoping in AHOY Rotterdam.

30 Apr 2003, 00:39
Almost forgot something. At the show in Amsterdam you've promised , due to a request from Jan, to do at the forthcoming show in Holland to perform my alltime favorite For Crying Out Loud.

I really, really hope to hear and see it next time :D

30 Apr 2003, 00:52
Yeah... I'm hoping for Ahoy Rotterdam too... I was there in 1994 and 1999 and it was GREAT.
i didn't attend the meet and greet in Amsterdam.
But: if there's a meet and greet in december and Fire Ball still remembers the dutch woman that didn't believe he was fire ball: I'll be there.
I started the dutch forum and it's active and growing. Dutchies usually speak English very well and they like international contact with fans all over the world.
They'll keep posting here.
But over here in Holland (the Netherlands) we had nothing. No fanclub, no forum, no nothing. That's why I founded a forum for the Dutchies.
Meat has SO much fans in Holland. They just don't know where to find eachother.
There's an official fanclub. There's this board, mlukfc and R.'s running it and doing a great job. And there's a German fanclub. But nothing for Dutchies only... that is why I claimed the meat-loaf. nl domain.

I am suffering for lack of time, but I like both: talking with fans all over the world and talking with the dutch fans in dutch.

30 Apr 2003, 15:01
I hope it will be again in Heineken Music Hall. It's small, great interaction with the public, and it is easier for me to get there.

I hope you're doing also Out Of The Frying Pan in december.

30 Apr 2003, 23:09
Not gonna discuss if this is the best album or not.... It's not Steinman written that's all.

BUt hope he will come to Ahoy or HMH.... That would be great.... :lol: