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Juan Llanos
28 Apr 2003, 14:50
Maybe you can hear it online... I have it in ogg but I have to make it smaller... it's 12MB... I did it!!

He said that
- Did I Say That? it's the best song.
- Working with Antonio Banderas (who is spannish)
- Bat 3
- The World Last Tour, he doesn't made the same set list to days in the same city
- For Spain he saids... "We need a promotore"
- He lives in Los Angeles, near Banderas
- He knows a little bit of spanish
- He talks about the movies and the music

For the moment...

Fire Ball, you're great!! I can give you spannish class...

I made two parts... in ogg... the interviewed was:

1 - http://tinyurl.com/ahlp -- the begging
2 - then CHSIB sounds...
3 - http://tinyurl.com/ahlt -- the interviewd
4 - then DIST sounds...

In the evenig at 18.30 (Madrid time) he was in Cadena 100 (www.cadena100.es) but I didn't know that and I couldn't listen it... maybe the sunday repeat it in a program call "7 días" beetween 11.00 and 14.00 (Madrid time)...

28 Apr 2003, 15:46
Hi, everyone! Yes, ongapisa, he was wonderful this morning on Spanish radio! Hope you all got to hear him.

You know, the Internet is truly changing the world of fandom for me (and I assume for a lot of other people as well). Here we are, in whatever countries we live in and yet, like some kind of electronic 'stalkers' (and I mean the word "stalker" in only the good sense of the word) we're able to follow him as he travels and promotes the album. This is just so amazing to me!

I have some videos, obviously, with interviews through the years. But I haven't heard a lot of radio ones before, so this is all new as well. One tends to think that TV has taken over everything. But it's not the case. Radio stills plays a vital part in our world and for someone who was raised listening to the radio and feels a great fondness for it, it does my heart good to realize this again.

Another thing I've come to realize is that Meat's style of being interviewed, his ability to walk in and take over the show, basically, must be part of his 'comfort level.' It's the same as his walking out on the stage and as he begins his pointing and pacing from one side to the other, while saying either outloud or to himself, "You're mine! You are mine!" (according to an interview I watched a short time ago), there is no doubt in anyone's mind in the audience that that is certainly true. No one's going to argue the point, although hecklers have tried. And I think it's the same sort of thing going on in these interviews. The DJ (or whoever) AND the audience, belong to him. There is no doubt, no question! He makes sure of that! :D

It's no wonder that some of the DJs have commented about being exhausted afterwards. He is, in his way, not the easiest interview to do, especially to those who like to maintain control over their own shows and guests. :wink:

And just when I think I cannot be more impressed or proud of him, a new circumstance comes up (new for me, that is) and he blows me away. I think the interview this morning is a case in point. Here he was in Spain. The main DJ is talking to the audience in Spanish. There is another person translating what he is saying to FireBall. FireBall responds and then the translator takes that back to the DJ (and audience). So it's a difficult situation, at best. And yet, somehow, he still managed to take control and stay in control of the interview and was entertaining and delightful and fun... It ain't easy, friends. Meat just makes it look easy...

And so, I continue to marvel at his abilities, his people skills, his sense of fun, which shows through everything I see and hear and most of all, his ability to share the enthusiasm he feels for whatever project he is currently promoting!

I've decided to stop trying to put limits on this man. I said before in another post, in another section, that Meat is timeless and ageless. I've also decided that he is limitless...

Ongapisa, I hope that a promotor DOES come along, so you get your 5 shows in Spain!! Thanks for letting us know about this radio interview. It was delightful and well worth the early morning wake up!! :lol:

28 Apr 2003, 15:56
Thanks ongapisa.

Caught it, what a blast! I hope you get the Spanish concerts.

And MB, totally agree, isn't he amazing! Did you see the schedule he posted? WOW, now where is he going tomorrow...


28 Apr 2003, 15:58
Grrrr......apparently I was WAY off in determining the start time of the Spanish radio show. :oops: All that time zone mess, then subtracting the hour for daylight savings time. Anyway, somehow I spent the last hour watching a Spanish DJ on the webcam expecting ML to appear at any second when in fact the interview was long over. Oh well.......I missed out on my little dose of ML.


28 Apr 2003, 17:16
One spanish topic should be enough.
Please continue there.

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