View Full Version : RIP Danny Federici

18 Apr 2008, 10:12
E-Street band member has lost his 3 year long fight with cancer...RIP Danny


18 Apr 2008, 10:24
Aww no!

That is such sad news!

Just found this as well http://ap.google.com/article/ALeqM5jWBL8bwtky7ejPHSACIDibAWnHwAD90424SO0

RIP Phantom

18 Apr 2008, 10:25
Very sad news, I'm sure Bruce and the band will do one hell of a tour for him this summer :up:

18 Apr 2008, 15:57
Very sad news,58 is no age these days,this cancer is such a terrible disease,takes away so many people at such young ages...sad...

20 Apr 2008, 13:36
This is very sad news :-(

Danny Federici of The E Street band died of cancer on Thurs

New York Times (http://www.nytimes.com/2008/04/19/arts/music/19federici.html?ref=arts)

Bruce Springsteen (http://brucespringsteen.net/news/index.html)

Another one to add to that amazing band up 'there'

23 Apr 2008, 01:21
Was very sad to hear this too. That last performance you can watch of him playing "Sandy" with Bruce about a month ago is quite special. Though you can see he isn't too well there.
Phantom Dan is gone but never forgotten.