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12 Apr 2008, 03:56
I figured this could go here since Jim is a former member of the NLE.

A friend pointed me to a new Steinman forum (http://steinmanpod.proboards82.com). So far, it looks fairly empty at the mo, but considering this place is friendlier to Meat's fans (and, at the moment, more active) than the Rockman, I figured it might be worth a plug. I joined a couple days ago.

Anyone interested? If not, I understand.

12 Apr 2008, 07:44
at the moment, more active ... than the Rockman

Er, since there are 14 posts so far, all by the admin, I make that not active at all. Rockman has actually been fairly busy the last few days.

Let me guess, you're the admin, right?


12 Apr 2008, 10:11
Let me guess, you're the admin, right?



evil nickname
12 Apr 2008, 15:15
Friendlier to Meat, and crossing out (http://steinmanpod.proboards82.com/v45index.cgi?board=jimbonnieandmeat&action=display&thread=3) the Bat Out Of Hell III part in the title of said record? Is that anything but flamebait?

Ok, so I have a similar trick on my website (http://mljs.evilnickname.org/?page=meatloaf/batoutofhell3.html), but then again, I have no problems with Rockman whatsoever.

12 Apr 2008, 18:53
I have no control over what the admin chose to do...and no, I am not the admin. Indeed, I've never spoken with him/her. I'm friends with "darquegk," who is (of late) the newest user at the forum. I'm divided on whether or not to join. They seem to be Meat-friendly, but I did note the strikethrough as well. I'll tell darquegk about it.

12 Apr 2008, 20:05
Well, looks like that did the trick. darquegk says he sent him a PM. I've gone back, and the strikethrough is gone. Maybe he realized it was a mistake? Regardless, I think I'm gonna join. Seems to have more rules than the Rockman.