View Full Version : Don't Miss Your Opportunity To Meet Meat Loaf In Person

10 Apr 2008, 17:40
MeatLoaf.net is pleased to announce the release of the Meat Loaf Meet and Greet Ticket Packages for the following shows: 04-Jul-08 6:00 PM - Bath Recreation Grounds - Bath, UK 06-Jul-08 6:00 PM - Broadlands - Romsey, Hampshire 11-Jul-08 ...

More... (http://www.meatloaf.net/news/index.php?mode=full&news_id=303)

10 Apr 2008, 17:53
"MEET & GREET PACKAGE - $197.50 GBP (GBP197.50)"

would anybdy explain the above to me?

10 Apr 2008, 19:02
.net don't do signs

10 Apr 2008, 19:02
well gutted!!! No London package!! I was so looking forward to it and I had faith in .net :-( :-(

10 Apr 2008, 19:04
its 197 RJ

duke knooby
10 Apr 2008, 19:06
almost 200 brick?? :shock:

10 Apr 2008, 19:13
more, 5 booking fee

10 Apr 2008, 19:50
Well gutted,no Liverpool or London

10 Apr 2008, 20:03
There is still time for London and Liverpool to be added.

10 Apr 2008, 20:53
yep they've got up all the way up to the 1st aug for the london one lol

10 Apr 2008, 23:14
yea thats true,sitting here keeping everything crossed..lol

11 Apr 2008, 14:12
I finally relented and decided that because it was a meet and greet package that I would go to Bath, so i got front row seats for the 200 pound each that it costs and i get to meet Sir Loaf as well, which is all good.

Crazy amount but hey it'll be worth it.

So who's going to Bath...

Also i won't be now going to Cork, so I have two General Admission tickets for that show if anyone wants to buy them?

11 Apr 2008, 15:51
see you there Mike! :cool: