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10 Mar 2002, 13:06
Does anybody know a site were I can find a version of Bad for Good sung by Meat Loaf (I think it will be a version from 1979, 1980). This site I know has an version Bad For Good: http://w3.one.net/~smeghead/meat/meat.htm
But there are the vocals not clear, so I'm looking for another version of Bad for Good, sung by Meat


10 Mar 2002, 13:40
Honestly, I've never heard Meat do it, I think there's an album that's quite rare where he does it live but I'm not sure

10 Mar 2002, 15:13
Meat Loaf never sang the "Bad For Good" song
in 79-80 because his voice was shot from the
tour and the protestion of the followup. The
only version of Meat singing the song was on
the "Live in Vienna" CD recorded in 1988 , it
was a great concert , and Meats voice was great. It you look around for the CD you might come across a burnt copy. I have the Vienna concert and a Birmingham concert from
that tour and it features "Bad For Good" live.

10 Mar 2002, 15:40
I found an meat loaf internet page with a few mp3's of meat loaf performing live. And yes, they are great mp3's. Also there is a mp3 of Bad for Good, performed by Meat.

Check this site:

10 Mar 2002, 16:15
Nice site ./icons/icon7.gif

I currently have all songs uploaded from the bootleg bats out of hell, live in cardiff 1993. If you want tracklist and dowload url, email me at pa.boon@quicknet.nl ./icons/icon7.gif

07 Apr 2002, 20:11
Thanks for that site Tim. It's a nice version of Bad for Good. But it is still not perfect. So more sites with a meat version of bad for good are welcome. Maybe the version of the storytellers tour. I don't know if there is recording of that. And maybe has someone a recording of the only time that they played "Bat" on The Night Of The Proms. The people of NOTP don't have it. So that will be nice to.

10 Apr 2002, 16:23
He played BAT on NOTP? As a replacement for another song or as extra?

10 Apr 2002, 19:04
He played Bat as a extra song, at the last show in Antwerpen!

Greetings from Germany
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