View Full Version : Love You Out Loud

26 Apr 2003, 18:35
I received the Special Edition of the album with the Bonus CD from Amazon in UK on thursday this week.

When I looked in the booklet with the lyrics I saw a misspelling in the song Love You Out Loud anyone else noticed it?

The lyrics in the booklet says: "I sit it my living room thinking of you"

Do you see where it is wrong? Of course it is the word "it" they have spelled wrong it shall be "in" so the correct line of the lyrics is then as follows: "I sit in my living room thinking of you".

/Michael, Sweden

26 Apr 2003, 18:41
Haven't noticed it. But there are also some text errors in other books from Meat Loaf cd's. Thought in Bat 1...... and other haven't found yet.

26 Apr 2003, 18:46
That is very much possible there is more errors in other booklets from his other cd's perhaps that is something we can do look for errors when we haven't much else to do ;)

Have not yet though managed to find more errors than this from Love You Out Loud in this booklet but I am still looking and singing along to find it easier :)