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26 Apr 2003, 16:36
I am sure by now that everyone on the forum is sick or hearing my constant questions, but I'm sorry, I just cant help myself!!

In the song "For Crying Out Loud" what does this line mean?...

"Can't You See My Faded Levi's Bursting apart?"

I'm sure somebody on here knows! So, could somebody just fill me in?!!

Thankyou ever so much!

Yours, Greavzyboy

Juan Llanos
26 Apr 2003, 16:41
I think I know it... but I seem to be difficult to me to express it in english...

It's about a boy (of course) and a gril, and he asks her to see beetween the legs... it's growing.... and it's going to break the Levis...

I think that I don't express it...

26 Apr 2003, 16:46
Oh! So Meat's character is getting an erection?!!

I never thought of that before! That makes sense!!


Yours, Greavzyboy

P.S: Anybody else? I'd like to hear everyone's opinions!!

Juan Llanos
26 Apr 2003, 16:49
Hey!! you understand what I try to say....

White of High
26 Apr 2003, 17:07
I have to agree with ongapisa!

26 Apr 2003, 22:32
yeah...but didn't meat say he'd never wear levi's? (i am aware the song was written before this btw, but you could easily insert "wranglers" etc into the live version)

27 Apr 2003, 00:04
Definately an erection down there! Another example of Jim adding some humour into his lyrics.

27 Apr 2003, 00:24
Its the kind of useless trivia people really dont need to know :P

27 Apr 2003, 00:25
Nah it's fun speculating about lyrics :)

27 Apr 2003, 13:36
Well JC, you may be perfectly content in singing the lyrics of songs without actually knowing the meaning of them, but I'm not.

I feel that you can't really understand a song without understanding the lyrics.

"Useless trivia"? I don't think so!

Yours, Greavzyboy

27 Apr 2003, 14:42
Did someone mention erections??????? :P :P :P :P :P


original sin
27 Apr 2003, 15:06
:oops: :oops: :oops:

so it's not a dodgy zip after all :twisted:

27 Apr 2003, 15:09
Next time look for the post from the song, and ask the question. I'm also gonna lock this one.