View Full Version : CHSIB CD's have arrived in America (via Amazon UK)

26 Apr 2003, 15:49
For those of you in the US who are anxiously awaiting your CHSIB CD's, my mailman just brightened my mailbox with my copy! I bet those of you on the east coast and south east will be getting yours today! Woooooo! :lol:
Oddly enough, the singles I ordered have NOT come...


Sapphire Lady
26 Apr 2003, 16:04
Poor you having to wait even longer than the rest of us.

26 Apr 2003, 18:23
I got mine on thursday this week from Amazon in UK the Special Edition that I had pre-ordered.

It took 5 days for the CD to arrive to me in Sweden from the day I got email from them that they had shipped it until I got it in my mailbox :)

/Michael, Sweden