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26 Apr 2003, 14:52
mmmmhhh ....

26 Apr 2003, 15:19

26 Apr 2003, 15:23
Yes Master your mind control technique worked. :lol:

Only joking. Whatever it was it worked

26 Apr 2003, 16:12
Why do people get attracted by testing threads? :p

The Flying Mouse
26 Apr 2003, 17:17
:twisted: Bored R.?
There are two fundemental reasons for reading test topics.
1.If you don't,you have that one little lit up envelope that bugs the hell out of you until you put it out :? .
2.Downright noseyness :lmao: .

I of course belong to the former of the groups :wink: .
I do :roll: .
I DO 8O .

26 Apr 2003, 17:30
I like it!!!

test post rule!!!! Yeah!! OMG, i'm going totally crazy if i don't visit this topic twice a day!!

I'm like a mad dog, drawling on the floor.........hehe hehe

Yes!! Testboard!!

Mousie.... make my day... say something funny again!!! LOL

(and yes at my work, i'm called the "crazy teacher")

27 Apr 2003, 14:26
Why do people get attracted by testing threads? :p

Because they are getting reactions from the crazy admin. :lol:

27 Apr 2003, 15:02
Why do people get attracted by testing threads? :p

Because we have nothing better to do

27 Apr 2003, 15:16
I can see that on you amount of posts!! :mrgreen:

But no, i've got bether things to do, but hee... just busy moderating this forum and messing around on other sites.... and this kind of topics are allways fun.

People saying: don't mention this post, just a test.... LOL. ofcourse then you will got a reaction..... The same as a sign with "don't push this button" and yeah... everybody is gonne push the button. :)

27 Apr 2003, 15:23
Official post-whoreing thread (http://www.mlukfc.com/forums/showthread.php?t=941)

27 Apr 2003, 15:29
Sh*t R. You fooled me!!!!! :lol: