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08 Jan 2008, 19:42
According to CC's My Space she'll be playing her next gig on Thursday January 31 at Crash Mansion 199 Bowrey, NY at Spring, which will be an acoustic show with Randy.

I'm sorry to say I only got to see CC perform with Randy once before tour was cancelled in October, so as Deb said in the other thread, if you can make it then go! They're fantastic together! :up:

08 Jan 2008, 21:26
I'm surprised Meats management don't sort out a mini-tour for members of the NLE, nothing on the scale that Meat does, but I'm sure they'd have relative success in their own right.

Pud :twisted:

08 Jan 2008, 21:31
That's actually a really ood idea ;)

08 Jan 2008, 21:47
You sound surprised :))

Pud :twisted:

08 Jan 2008, 21:49
You sound surprised :))

Pud :twisted:


young at heart
09 Jan 2008, 14:23
think it would be fantastic idea for shows with NLE especially with Randy.

09 Jan 2008, 16:45
Not in America, it won't...maybe in Europe...

Also they must want to go on a tour to go on a tour...

13 Jan 2008, 16:32
Someone please take lots of photos of CC, she's lovely!! :heart::heart::D;)

01 Feb 2008, 00:44
Tonight CC will be singing background vocals for J Henry at his CD release party starting around 9:15pm New York time at Crash Mansion in NYC. This portion of the night will be streamed live over the net here:

Synclive J Henry CD Release Party (http://www.synclive.com/?show/16348)

Her acoustic set with Randy Flowers will follow, but sadly is not expected to be included in the streamed portion.