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25 Apr 2003, 15:56
Dear friends,
Many of you know that I have to be away from my computer for a little while, but I just stopped by briefly to see what was new.

This message is for those of you who have been working so diligently to help FireBall with CHSIB.

If the word has not gotten to you yet: Today is the day you MUST concentrate on the album!! The album is too expensive to ask people to buy a lot of copies of it, as with the single. But there are still ways you can help!

Contact EVERYONE you know, whether they are in the UK or not and ask THEM to buy the CD. Outside the country, go to Amazon or HMV UK or any of the online sites WHO HAVE IT IN STOCK AND CAN SHIP IMMEDIATELY. Don't use those who do not have it in stock. It will NOT count for this week!

Next thing you need to do: Get out your list of people, stations, newspapers and magazines you've been contacting for nearly 2 weeks now. It's too late to write to them, but if you can phone them, that would be a MUCH better way to go. Tell them to get to the Virgin Megastore this evening--(before 6). Don't tell them anything specific, but word your message so that it's intriguing. Tell them there's a strong rumor that something big is going to happen. Or tell them there's a buzz going around that they're not going to want to miss this!

Do NOT mention this forum. Do not mention ANYTHING else. Just tell them they'll be sorry if they don't have a representative there!!

Next, if you live anywhere near the Virgin Store, or you know someone who lives close, contact them immediately and tell them to get there (any time after 5). Fill the streets. Fill the store!! Get people there!!!

Now, the hardest thing for you guys to do: Do NOT talk about this online anywhere else. Please DO NOT ADD to this thread. Let it go down the list as other threads are posted to. That's the way it's designed. Do NOT post this news on any other thread!! This is not the time for TALK; this is the time for ACTION and there is precious little of it left!!!

I wish I had seen the news earlier or I would have left this message then. Time is so very short. But there's still time to help, if you have just gotten this news. If you cannot do anything else, then get as many people to buy as many albums as they possibly can. If the cut-off for this week's chart ends today, we all have until midnight UK time to work on this!!

But no talk, please. For those of you who have been lucky enough to have already gotten CHSIB album, then go as Meat sings: And...


R. If you're out there and you feel this post is inappropriate (I know you'll understand what I'm saying) please delete it immediately. It is only to draw those who know me, to the news, if they have not yet gotten it. I will not feel bad, if you do it!

I missed all of you SO much and I've only been gone a day or two. I hope to be back with you soon. Please do all of us who are SO very far away from the action a favor: If you're able to go to the store, post a long message afterwards and tell us what happens. Take photos if you can and share them. It's very hard to be this far away and yet, in our hearts and our spirit, to be this close!!

Much love to each and every one of you.

I have to go now. And SO DO YOU!! Get to work. Remember--no more posting here. JUST DO IT!!