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22 Apr 2003, 20:15
Sorry if this is just another happy thread, but I bought the album on my way to work this morning, and managed to play it three times in the shop I work!

And now I can have it on loud at home!

I have to say, the first time i heard it, it was great, the second time, amazing, third, absolutely wonderful, and now?

A work of art.

Well dont Meat, thankyou for making us all so very very happy over the years. To be able to influence so many people over such a long time and still being joy into people's lives that you don't even know is amazing, and I thankyou.

22 Apr 2003, 20:22
Thank you, badger, feel excately the same, don't worrie about starting a new thread. I am sure R. will understand.
I love to read how you feel about this album!

Great day to you,


23 Apr 2003, 18:49
I watched this forum for a while before I posted, like I do with many to see what it is like and how it operates etc, and in all the time I have logged on here I like everyone more and more!

It's great to find some kind likeminded (sp?) people who love talking about truly great music.

Hope everyone is having some fun wherever you are!!!

(np - Meat Loaf - Did I Say That)