View Full Version : Beauty Of The Beast ... and other 80's compilations

19 Feb 2002, 01:50
I have picked up a couple of Meat Loaf products on my trip to Canada . One was a
compilation called "Beauty Of The Beast" which originated from France and not only does it feature "Live At Wembley" tracks ,
but also live tracks one of his first 87'
tour concerts from the St. Austell Coliseum.
I also picked up "Masters" (Which features
an edited version of the wembley concert of
"Bat") , and "Get Out Of Hell" which was recorded live at Cleveland in 88' . All wonderful quality .
I was wondering if any of them are rare or
deleted and is anybody looking for them.

19 Feb 2002, 19:18
I never heard of the Beauty of the beast compilation. I think that it never has been released here in holland or europe. But I don't know it for sure. My "Masters" cd does only contain three live versions. The live versions from live at wembley (the edited version of "Bat"), and not other live versions. So I think that you have great cd's were I'm looking for.