View Full Version : Play online with John's Cynbols!

17 Jun 2007, 19:11
Firstly John has updated his blog...

For those who haven't seen it yet; John has a site run by Zildjian, the compony which endorse John because of the cynbols he uses for the tour etc.....

Click the link to go there and there you can play interactivly with his cynbols and see the layout of his drums for the tour.....

Well worth a look in my opinion!:D:D


17 Jun 2007, 19:18
Definitely worth a look Ross :D

17 Jun 2007, 19:25
:twisted:just had a bang on john drums deb LOL:twisted:

Cpl Mickey
20 Jun 2007, 09:54
I just had a go its really good