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original sin
20 Apr 2003, 17:20
well what do you think? I'm happy and disappointed all wrapped up together. But with all the problems with supplies and lack of airplay, I think someone somewhere has let him down badly :evil:
No doubt about that Meat has been promoting as hard as he can getting on radio and TV etc.

Onwards and upwards

I thnk the album is gonna go through the roof!!! but will album sales affect single sales I wonder....

20 Apr 2003, 19:40
I've been pretty depressed myself down here in Middlesex. I'll be back out there on Tuesday in Kingston and Richmond and I'll name and shame any record store that isn't stocking the single still :angry:

20 Apr 2003, 19:44
he's number one in the top 40 rock chart if thats any consolation

20 Apr 2003, 20:45
Sad to read comments like this though.


original sin
20 Apr 2003, 21:11
Puritan Thats dreadful I hope summat real bad happens to who ever wrote it :evil:

20 Apr 2003, 21:20
Reviews are always useless. They are nothing but someones opinion and he just doesn't happen to like the song.

Ppl should just ignore them.

original sin
20 Apr 2003, 21:24
I suppose you're right Cloggy :lol: no point in stressing over what cant be changed, However we wouldn't say they were useless or to ignore them if they were good would we :twisted:

20 Apr 2003, 21:54
Aye, they can of course have a negative influence when ppl are still deciding if they should buy it.

BTW, another good idea mebbe for some promotion is to got to www.amazon.co.uk and write a good review on the album and give it 5 stars. All little bits help :)

Cult Of Byron
20 Apr 2003, 23:01
Bloody hell! I was so happy when I saw it had gone into the top 40! Well done Fireball!! No1 in the Rock charts too? Can't be bad seeing as NOONE had the single in stock...

The Flying Mouse
21 Apr 2003, 18:55
:twisted: No 1 in the rock charts and No 31 in the UK charts.Not bad for a single that half the shops didn't even have in stock :roll: .
If this peron thinks CHSIB is a copy of I'd Lie For You,then why do they give such a gloomy prediction.
Perhaps they have forgotten that I'd Lie got to no 2 :? .
This was just the first week.We'll soon see who's right :wink: .