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19 Apr 2003, 23:10
Hey all!

I have a question thats been bugging me for a while now, and you may all think that when I ask this question, that I have a brain the size of a leprechaun's testicle. but here goes...

In Steinman's masterpiece "For Crying Out Loud", before the final crescendo of the song the lyrics go something like this:

"For taking in the rain when I'm feeling so dry
For giving me the answers when I'm asking you why
My oh my
For that I thank you

For taking in the sun when I'm feeling so cold
For giving me a child when my body is old
And don't you know
For that I need you"

etc etc...

Now is it just me, or are the lyrics:

For taking in the rain when I'm feeling so dry
For taking in the sun when I'm feeling so cold


Why would someone thank someone else "For taking in the rain when I'm feeling so dry"?

Am I missing something or are these lyrics just a mystery which don't need to be solved?

Please help me!

Yours, Greavzyboy

19 Apr 2003, 23:43
Well when you feeling dry, you wanna get less dry, so eg. get in the rain :)

19 Apr 2003, 23:47
No because the lyrics say "For taking in the rain" as in to take the rain away.

Thats what's so confusing!

Yours, Greavzyboy

19 Apr 2003, 23:49
Ah, well, never read them like that, but then again I am dutch ;o

Tho I do think he means "for taking me in the rain" rather than "for taking away the rain". ;/

20 Apr 2003, 08:56
He is cold, She collects (takes in) the suns rays. She gives the rays to him. He is cold no more. He thanks her

He is dry. She collects (takes in) the rain. She gives the rain to him. He is dry no more. He thanks her

That is how I have interpreted the song for twenty odd years. Not a definitive answer - just my opinion of course

20 Apr 2003, 10:17
Yeah, that sounds as a good interpretation as well. :P

It should be read as positive anyway.

20 Apr 2003, 10:18
Puritan, you share an interpretation with MBrevard and I had never read the expression 'taking in' as 'collecting', I always read it as 'taking away' or 'removing'.

Your interpretation is very interesting and makes much more sense than mine!

I'd like to hear everyone else's thoughts, thankyou so much!

Yours, Greavzyboy

20 Apr 2003, 22:14
Very interesting interpretation, This "taking in"-thing.

21 Apr 2003, 14:25
My thoughts on those lines has always been the same as Puritan's, "taking in" being "to gather or collect" then she gives it to him.....but, that's always just been what I thought! :D

21 Apr 2003, 15:30
id associate another word for 'taking in' as absorbing.

21 Apr 2003, 16:35
I think he means to take the sun/rain to me.

21 Apr 2003, 16:49
Sounds like we're all on the same page now :D

21 Apr 2003, 19:25
The way I interpreted: he thanks her for giving him what he needs. She always gives him what he needs.

22 Apr 2003, 21:53
I have read somehwere that the song is about a girlfriend/wife who just died.

Shadows On The Wall
23 Apr 2003, 12:05
I dint think there is an answer, its all part of the brilliance and madness that is Steinman