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  1. the new album
  2. bull in a china shop
  3. “very un–Meat Loaf” album in the works
  4. new album
  5. Interview prior to Florida show
  6. Meat speaks on Q Awards (Tampa interview)
  7. Meat Loaf goes country?
  8. Meat and Jim
  9. ... 1947 ...
  10. Finally some new album info...
  11. The Hallelujah Song (Feat. Hugh Laurie)
  12. Meat Loaf On Going To Nashville, Bad Writing & His Distinctive Voice
  13. Meat Loaf Back In the Studio
  14. title source?
  15. Why do people think the album is different to all the others?
  16. Meat Loaf Taps Rob Cavallo, Brian May For New Album
  17. Some lyrics from new new album.
  18. First Single/Promotion
  19. This is kinda like a rose... (Spoiler)
  20. Album Art
  21. The new album in the news
  22. Track 2
  23. And the new album name is...
  24. Hang Cool Teddy Bear Merchandise Talk
  25. Meat on German radio 03.02.10
  26. the new album!
  27. Alright, I'll be the one to ask
  28. any clips of the new single yet?
  29. Listen to Living On The Outside & Peace On Earth!
  30. 104.3 talks "Hang Cool, Teddy Bear" in U.S.A
  31. Hang Cool, Teddy Bear video - kinda
  32. Vinyl LP Release?
  33. New Poll
  34. What version will you buy and where from?
  35. Hang Cool Teddy Bear...IV?
  36. Album Format changes
  37. Maybe I will see Meat Loaf on Wednesday!!!
  38. some fun!! guess the first single?
  39. Album cover
  40. Medley?
  41. HCTB Release date in USA ??
  42. First full songwriting credit revealed!
  43. Meat's new single on Radio 2 now.
  44. Meat talks to ITN about HCTB
  45. Adam Lambert and Meat Loaf
  46. Meat Loaf in Norway (including interviews)
  47. Tracklisting...
  48. The new album is fantastic!
  49. Losangeloser music video?
  50. Some news for the Australian fans ...
  51. just found this:
  52. Nothing gets past Digital Spy
  53. the new billboards!!
  54. Album Reviews Thread...
  55. Peace on Earth
  56. The album promo ... New Zealand
  57. Los Angeloser
  58. Is Los Angeloser allowed to be aired outside the UK ?
  59. Hugh Loafs Around
  60. cant find los angeloser on bbc2, is it off now?:(
  61. Los Angeloser on YouTube (James Michael)
  62. Tesco.Com: Disappointing
  63. Rock Legend Meat Loaf Announces NZ Promotional Tour
  64. Australia Tour Date
  65. BangCD.Com: That's the way to do it!
  66. Audio interview from the Jono and Dano Show
  67. The Circle and 7pmproject in Australia
  68. Hang Cool Teddy Bear IV - Pre-Order
  69. Album Review Quotes Thread
  70. Meat Loaf on ABC Radio in Melbourne
  71. hang cool teddy bear poster
  72. The New Tour
  73. HCTB - The poster/billboard campaign
  74. HCTB on American Idol?
  75. Official sales notes and UK promotion
  76. Full Tracklistings and Super Deluxe preorder info...
  77. USA promotion?
  78. Hang Cool Teddy Bear to be released on May 11th in USA
  79. Pricing Error?
  80. What song are you most excited about?
  82. How much?
  83. Kerrang Podcast
  85. Nice To Meat You
  86. NEW!! Meat Loaf Los Angeloser Video on YouTube!
  87. The Official Los Angeloser Video Discussion Thread
  88. The official Meat is hot in the video thread.
  89. Have you seen the Superdeluxe Box...
  90. Hang Cool Teddy Bear - The Movie?
  91. USA Version Now Available on Amazon.com
  92. A quick question on Downloads
  93. 2008 Live DVD and Signed Box Set...
  94. I have heard one more song!
  95. Los Angeloser on Australian TV!!!!!!
  96. Official Website + Free Download: Prize Fight Lover
  97. Los Angeloser not being released...
  98. Prize Fight Lover
  99. universal orders: backordered?
  100. EPK - Meat talking for about half an hour
  101. Updated Promo...
  102. Love Is Not Real & Chapter 2 now up
  103. Track Listings / Descriptions for the USA Versions of Hang Cool Teddy Bear
  104. New International EPK Video
  105. Listen to the whole album!!
  106. Countdown
  107. Something I read today !!
  108. Get your downloading finger at the ready...
  109. before they come out
  110. Release date slightly postponed?
  111. Whats in the book
  112. weird sound in Los Angeloser
  113. New Meat Loaf Promo Interview for Vidzone
  114. Soundclips online
  115. Daily Mail Article 2/4/10
  116. Super Deluxe Version - more on the contents
  117. Album delayed ?
  118. HCTB Review/Article - Not a bad one
  119. do you want the SD boxset to have a live DVD?
  120. glasgow13th april 2010
  121. Commercial success
  122. red suit or blue suit
  123. Informations requested to advertise for the album in France
  124. Song Of Madness clip & Chapter 3 are up...
  125. Meat Loaf in Rotterdam for promotion - April 16th
  126. A good article with some different album points
  127. If It Rains
  128. I can barely fit my dick in my pants
  129. New Meat Loaf Times Article
  130. Album avaliable on iTunes for preorder
  131. Mrs. Warren
  132. HCTB trailer
  133. 104.3fm radio
  134. US Special Edition - live disc?
  135. Meat Loaf Previews His New Album In Manhattan
  136. Los Angeloser - single EDIT?
  137. This time next week...
  138. Longer track clips here....
  139. AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!
  140. IV or not?
  141. A List
  142. Did You Ever Love Somebody?
  143. ALBUM 2 0R 1 CD?
  144. can we confirm deluxe is 2cd, no dvd?
  145. Elvis In Vegas - Part 4 Online
  146. Meat Loaf uncensored at WBAB
  147. iTunes exclusive tracklisting...
  148. Elvis in Vegas and If I can't Have You
  149. How ML got back out of hell:
  150. Air play chart
  151. Super Deluxe Box items...
  152. Amazon Pre Order
  153. Meat Loaf Mention On Perez Hilton Blog
  154. Roadrunner Records - Prize Fight Lover
  155. pre launch party glasgow
  156. Prize Fight Lover or Prize Fighter Lover?
  157. I Have The CD In My HAND!!!!!
  158. HMV Oxford Street 19th April 1PM Album Signings
  159. TV promo in Germany
  160. Amazon super deluxe pre order...
  161. Clip of Mike Parry singing BOOH with Meat
  162. Exciting email, Early delivery?
  163. The One Show... NOW!!!!
  164. Meat Loaf talks Jack Black & new album
  165. Sport.co.uk meets...Meat Loaf
  166. Talk Sport Magazine
  167. tonight at midnight...
  168. Release date for tomorrow in Australia?????
  169. Volcanic ashes may delay HCTB!
  170. Hang Cool Teddy Bear - The Experience
  171. Casa De Carne Live CD
  172. Photos of the book...
  173. Hang Cool Teddy Bear Limited Edition Boxed Set
  174. Meat Loaf HCTB promo clip for play.com (and a horrible shirt lol)
  175. HCTB TV Advert...
  176. Hang Cool Teddy Bear Radio Ad
  177. Meat on BBC Radio 2 - 15/04
  178. HCTB dvd
  179. Prize Fighter Lover On Planet Rock
  180. Promos... different cuts...
  181. Meat on Something For The Weekend
  182. Peace On Earth Greatest Ever Meat Loaf Track
  183. News Of The World Exclusive Interview With Meat
  184. IT'S ALBUM DAY (UK)!!!
  185. Come on and lend me your hand with my forthcoming release...
  186. play.com trailer..
  187. Nooooo! Ash = No CD from play.com
  188. Planet Rock Again
  189. Where's Patti??
  190. Thank you Meat for another great album!
  191. There isnt a clean version!!!
  192. meat loaf on bbc 1 breakfast
  193. Teddy Bear on Spotify.....
  194. Mid Weeks Due Today - Chart Position Spoilers...
  195. Meat on Wave 105
  196. Meat on Loose Women 21/04
  197. Interview with Meat in NME this week.
  198. Keith Lemon
  199. Meat on Channel 5 at 6.25 :)
  200. Perfect Day
  201. New and Improved Set List Idea
  202. What's your favourite song?
  204. Pre-Order at Townsend = Nothing arrived yet
  205. new promo pics (on amazon)
  206. T. Driggers?
  207. Minor error?
  208. Australia Release Day ~ HCTB
  209. Ways to get Meat and HCTB to #1
  210. Hang Cool Teddy WHAT?
  211. Youtube
  212. Slipcase
  213. Illegal copies in Bali
  214. muchmusic or HMV
  215. Album chart positions
  216. Meat Loaf : 10 Things Rock 'N Roll Has Taught Me
  217. Hang Cool: Appreciation.
  218. something to clear up
  219. Whatever happened to "the Hit"?
  220. Peace on Earth Single Cover Art
  221. Planet Rock Again
  222. Meat Loaf on QVC here in the USA !!!
  223. A NZ blog, and interviews with Meat regarding HCTB (and other bits and pieces)
  224. And the second 'single' is...
  225. In The Studio Radio Interview with Meat Loaf
  226. The Letter L
  227. USA release
  228. Something that bugs me
  229. hallelujah song
  230. Sales on QVC
  231. Interview on rockradio.co.uk
  232. The new single should be... (with a semi relavant rant)
  233. Dr Rock interviews Meat Loaf
  234. Video : Meat Loaf Serves Up A New Album
  235. Meat Loaf Starts Over With Hang Cool Teddy Bear
  236. Meat Loaf The Full Interview : Edge TV
  237. Another Radio Interview
  238. Interview on ArtistDirect.com
  239. Just requested a california Backing Track ...
  240. Meat Interview QVC:"I scared them half to death"
  241. Mis-print on New Album Hang Cool Teddy Bear
  242. Strange Coincidence & I sold 2 copies of HCTB today!!
  243. Hang Cool teddy Bear Trailer
  244. HCTB Ad in Rolling Stones Magazine !!
  245. Running Away From Me Original Version
  246. Latest Classic Rock mag
  247. 2nd single to radio (UK)
  248. we pick the second single!!!!
  249. In The Studio
  250. Another interview