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Default My Unofficial Going All The Way Video

So, since the announcement of a video was made, i had something in my head. I had epic, partially nostalgic and retrospect in mind. While i see the positives and negatives of the official video, and I'm not going to tear it down or anything because that part has nothing to do with me, I just felt something for me was missing. So i started working on my own.

It took about ten minutes to cut a "video edit" track of the song - mainly because it was already there in my head which parts i wanted and which i could live without.

Over the last few weeks I've been piecing together clips from the videos i have been able to find, including many i didn't even know existed, and the only issue i have with the final video is that there are some videos that i just couldn't improve the quality on mainly due their will be clear which they are and why.

I added something to beginning that just further enhanced the nostalgia feel for me, and tried to keep each movement linked to just one source of its own to try and have some kind of coherence. I think when you are effectively making one jigsaw from the pieces of a dozen different puzzles there is always going to be a few rough edges.

In the end, i have something that i now cannot unsee when i listen to the song, and the last few minutes of which sum up for me what Meat, Jim and his various incarnations of the Neverland Express have brought to the world in the last four decades. To me it is the sign off i wanted, or as close to it as I can create with what i have available, and if others like it, great, if they don't then I'm not going to cry about it or say you're wrong. It was always my intention to do some kind of career montage at some point, and this just gave me the perfect chance to do it. So. If you like it, share the hell out of it, if you don't let it lie, but I hope even with the lack of HD quality in a number of the videos used that it fills a gap for some of you.

YouTube Video
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Better than official one by leaps and bounds

Thanks for putting in work
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Way better than the official
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Great job!
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Great job. I think better than the original too!!
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Thanks guys. Like i said, it was all really for my benefit but thought that knowing the feeling of others on here you might appreciate it. Glad you've liked it.
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