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Danny L
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Originally Posted by Wario View Post
its had a good break, bring it back and that 3 minute sax solo
And the backing vocals/chorus. Todds arranging the chorus for the show
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Continuing the sub-thread discussion, and responding in a place where I can fly under the radar and hopefully not chip too many nails or annoy anybody...

Like many a Steinman fan (I feel anyone who's read my posts has noticed I have an obvious leaning in that direction), and like Meat himself I may add, I wasn't altogether thrilled with Bat Out of Hell III in 2006. For me, I will freely admit that it was mostly because it wasn't a totally Steinman-written album like the previous two.

While bored one day and looking through Meat's discography, I once noticed that, scattered between Bad Attitude, Neighborhood, and Very Best (not concentrated on one album), there were seven Steinman songs (okay, three were co-writes, but so were three on Braver... wow, unexpected symmetry there), and of the 14 songs on Bat III, half (that's seven, for those bad at math) were Steinman-written.

So, no doubt like many "fan editors," I said to myself, "What if I kept the basic structure of Bat III, but slotted in the tracks from the other albums in the most appropriate slots I could think of?" It proved to be a fun exercise, and yielded some surprising results that, to me, sound like the third (well, fourth now) Steinman/Loaf album we never got.

The result was this:

1. Home By Now / No Matter What
2. Original Sin
3. It's All Coming Back To Me Now
4. Bad For Good
5. Surf's Up (with Jim's "Teenager in Love" speech edited onto the front to open the track with a dash of spoken word)
6. In The Land Of The Pig, The Butcher Is King
7. Nowhere Fast
8. A Kiss Is A Terrible Thing To Waste
9. Left In The Dark
10. If It Ain't Broke (Break It)
11. Is Nothing Sacred (I picked the longest "duet with Patti" version available -- she's unfortunately still shortchanged as on the original album, but it preserves her presence on it; I also edited the outtro that appears after a silent gap in Meat's solo version on Very Best onto the front because I felt the song didn't work with such a low-key intro after "Break It," and it fits so seamlessly that a first-time listener wouldn't know it wasn't there to begin with)
12. Seize The Night
13. The Future Ain't What It Used To Be
14. Epilogue: Cry To Heaven

Is it great? Meh. I mean, it still runs into the pacing issues that ashkent7 brings up. But your mileage may vary on that one. For me, the original Bat III felt interminable; maybe I'm biased because, well, Steinman, but using the alternate tracks made me feel like my time wasn't wasted even if it was still a huge chunk. What makes this "fan edit" album seem surprisingly coherent is that five of the alternate songs were recorded in the Nineties, and don't sound too far off from Meat's voice circa 2006, so it sounds "all of a piece," as do the Bat III tracks for obvious reasons (i.e., being from the same source). Even what might be presumed to stick out from Bad Attitude has similar vocal qualities, if sounding a little lighter than his "older" voice sometimes.

I can also justify the thinking behind my track placements and choices of material if anyone really wants to know, but as this post is long enough, I can save that for a PM if anyone has that level of curiosity.

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