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I totally (as you know) diagree with downloading leaks etc....I think only a musician may understand 100%.....having said all that you dont have the Tyce album, well if you pay the shipping i will send you a signed copy on me...just inbox me, or you can wait until jan/feb 2018 when Warner Bros release the streaming rights worldwide for all mediums..

I am a musician myself actually. We have not recorded yet, but dealing with leaks and illegal downloads might actually be something I might be confronted with in the future. This is only hypothecical, but I think, someone showing up at a show after having received a "free" copy of my music, is still someone I appreciate seeing there.

It is understandable that leaks are something the artist and associates want to prevent. Having said that, when I am looking forward to hearing a new recording by one of my favorite artists, I can't wait and I grasp every opportunity there is to listen to the recording earlier.
In this case, as i stated, I had preordered, and I wouldn't have cancelled that order under any circumstance anyway.
So I can live with this sin just fine. If there is a legal streaming option for something I am interested in, I never would use the illegal source. Still, there is the possibility that I want to own a physical copy if the music means something to me.

I see and I understand where you are coming from. But, as Adje says, these days you must try a different approach. It is all about the package and presentation. There are a lot of things you can't properly copy. Think about special editions, cool merchandise, vinyl releases and of course there still are live shows.
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Old 10 Feb 2018, 20:59   #202
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This music industry has changed. Artists put out records now purely to gain interest for a tour. Records make no money for an artist, especially if they don't write the material. But they do make $$$ in touring. And I have to say, I do think that's how it should be!
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What happened to the proposed UK tour?
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