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I hope your salmon sucks!
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Originally Posted by Adje View Post
Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom (2018 )

Let's start by the best thing they could come up with to start this sequel...

They created the freaking multimillion park on an Island with an active volcano!? So all the research all the money that went into building this park for the future, and they overlooked this minor detail... In other words, you realise the quality of writing into this and just hope for the best...

And to be fair, the first 30 minutes or so were kind of promissing (although already very predicatable). And then... everything collapsed like a house of cards. Same annoying, non-developed characters. Same 'if we do it bigger it must be better' mentallity that failed the first JW movie and the dumbest, incredible stupid, plot/story of all of the Jurassic movies. CGI is quite good at times but also pretty underwhelming several times. So even there it didn't do an outstanding job.

Where Colin T. destroyed JW with his bad directing, they did the same in this movie by bad writing. Again they managed to destroy the tention before it can actually develop into tension. It is poorly and predictable written. From the guy on the ladder in the opening to the underwater scene with Claire and the tech guy (who's name I forgot),you know what's coming and it never draws you into the movie.

I wonder if anybody actually smiled (let alone laugh) about the tech-guy's 'jokes'. It's an insult that these movies are now part of the legacy of Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park.

It has been a while since I saw JP 3. I remember it to be bad. JW was by far the worst big budget movie of 2015, but I might find this one even more terrible than those two movies.

I agree with Andrew. If you didn't like JW, avoid this one like the plague. But even if you enjoyed that one, you have to be able to shut down your expectations, common sense and basically stop your brain for anything logic. Yes, I know, it's fantasy, not a realistic movie whatsoever, but at least make sure your writing make sense. JWFK is a mess when it comes to these things.

All of a sudden "Let's go watch 'Solo'!" doesn't sound that bad after all.

You might appreciate Mauler's breakdown of the movie on YouTube. I like his rage and appreciation videos.
I agree with one of his main criticisms in reference to what Jurassic Park (the novel and the first movie) was mostly about was that life breaks free from the restrictions we place on that, like trying to run a zoo but it never works out.
But in all subsequent movies the reasons for life breaking free is sheer stupidity beyond that type of arrogance (leaving cages unlocked (JW2), having a tooth collection fetish (JW2), Uhm I don't know what happened here - they just escaped (JP2), just walking into an enclosure where the most dangerous dinosaur should be (JW1 - that caused ALL the mayhem if you think about it), going to an island where everyone escaped from and nearly died (JP2 / JP3 / JW1ish / JW2 definitely) ).

Every movie after JP 1 has been quite stupid and I think ultimately that is quite unnecessary. Real life scenarios of children falling into enclosures AND THEN going in
or dinos escaping because they find a weakness somewhere (JP1) would probably be better.

In JW2 a much better start to the story would have been poachers making their way through a security system around the island (it should be restricted after JW1),
and that they had nothing to do with the original people. Instead the original people should be trying to stop it and Claire and Chris Pratt were simply the best people to have on the team or so. It seems InGen in the end were up to their old bad tricks again, very much like in JP2. It would have been more realistic if the US military had completely quarantined the island and InGen is no more. I don't like the James Cromwell character stuff the more I think about it. All of a sudden Hammond had a partner. Meh.

Also Mauler's point about the Mosasaurus' tank suddenly being connected to the ocean was interesting. Why in hell's name would there even need to be a door? Were they ever going to let it out? Why? When the T Rex steps on the iPad the iPad loses connection with the door closing system so it stops. Why write it that way? An analogue connection makes no sense like that. So, why not simply when the T Rex steps on it, it reverses the closure system and opens the door instead. That would be more logical, no? And it would only have required a graphic change on the iPad I think which could even have been done in post when they realise that it is a bit dumb the way they had it now.

All quite stupid indeed.

Oh well. Still enjoyable I thought if you switch your brain off.

I did like the scene where the boat left looking back at the island especially. It did seem to close the entire Jurassic Park island book nicely. But indeed, as Mauler pointed out, what about the other island in JP2? Is it no longer canon?

In JW2 we learn that ACTUALLY the experiments first took place underneath Hammond's mansion.

I bet in JW3 or JW4 we find out that ACTUALLY the first dinosaur was created in the backseat of the car that the heroes just so happen to be driving at that point.

I'm sure in 10 years from now there will be the first or already sequels of: "Transformers IN Jurassic World." if Paramount and Universal can team up.

I honestly hope they make a decent JW3. Sam Neill is in it and that is that. But I'm sure the franchise won't be left alone for too long somehow.

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Mega Loafer
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Originally Posted by AndrewG View Post
Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom (2018 )

Great thrill ride. When the dinos are NOT in groups on screen the CGI is astonishingly perfect and very convincing. 4DX is relentless on this one.
Nothing deep story wise but a decent continuation of JW 1. If you didn't like that, don't bother with this as it's no better. They show too many key scenes in the trailer too. Some dumb bits in the first half hour but it definitely picked up I think and I just wanted to see where they were going with it all and had me very intrigued.
I enjoyed it and really appreciated the nods to JP1.

Now bring back Sam Neill in JW3 and we can lay the franchise to bed for a bit.
I agree and would give it 8/10. Spectacular, action packed, emotional, and quite scary in places. The best sequel by far.
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trying to be realistic
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Originally Posted by PanicLord View Post
emotional, and quite scary in places.

Are there two versions of this? I must have watched something else...

LOL Happy you folks like it though. I really don't understand how.

Solo (2018 )

Actually quite a fun movie. I wouldn't want to call it something from the StarWars Universe, it's actually more like an Indiana Jones movie.
A few nice nods though and the ending of this movie created a path for the plot of the Kenobi film.

Lando was by far the best part of the movie. It's hard to replace Harisson Ford and this Han was therefore a diffferent one than we know from the trilogies, but Lando was... Lando. Brilliant.

Didn't expect I would enjoy it but I did

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I hope your salmon sucks!
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Fences (2016)
Perfect acting from the entire cast. Denzel Washington his usual great self but Viola Davis' performance really was show stopping here in particular.

Probably works better as a play than a movie I reckon which I would have liked to have seen with the same actors but the snippets I've seen of James Earl Jones taking the main part look great too.
Worth your time if you like acting to take certain stage in a movie.


Notable mention for having seen The Greatest Showman (2017) a couple of times recently but I've not mentioned it yet.
Probably one of my favourite musical movies.

I wish the movie version of the Les Miserables musical had taken this approach (studio record the songs and mime on set, it works much better) and also had this quality music video director. It pays off for sure. The choreography and the shots thereof are perfect. Les Mis looks poor in comparison. Whilst the stage version is tremendous. Such a shame.

They did a great job with the Greatest Showman. Some great songs and super cast with Jackman rightfully taking centre stage.

Could have been a bit longer (another 15 mins I reckon) with perhaps another couple of songs thrown in but it was pretty great with some inspirational songs and lines.
Critics are clearly deranged giving this only 56% on Rotten Tomatoes. I mostly ignore them these days.

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I hope your salmon sucks!
Join Date: 18.01.2004
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*centre stage....
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