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Originally Posted by ashkent7 View Post
Not to get to far off topic but I'm not sure if we will see any more of these types of stadium gigs. Just a feeling I've got that unofficially this tour turned into something of a band farewell as he has a non-band project coming up so it's looking like at least 2-3 years before the possibility would arrive - that being the reason this turned into the massive tour it was from the original planned 20 US shows.

I agree about the staging, but that's kind of always been his thing. This is almost going to sound Steinmanesque, but for me with Springsteen you pay for the length of it not the spectacle.

And thinking about it - who else but Meat could ever get away with having a giant inflatable bat called Bob or a groping inflatable version of himself on stage with them?
I was about to say something similar- Bruce has never had elaborate staging. I read somewhere that his manager had been trying to get him to make some improvements, but Bruce doesn't like change. Personally, I think a little bit more production would be nice, but I've never been at a show and thought, "This could really use some lasers or giant props right about now." Also, they often sell seats behind the stage in the indoor arenas, and for that the open stage is ideal.

The setlists for the past few shows have been mind-blowing for the hardcores (more fuel to the fire that this might be the unofficial end), but I can see casuals might get a little bored.
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HMV are in fact going to be stocking the CD/DVD version for 17.99
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so does anyone know what is going to be on the second disc of the townsend version? and does anyone know if the bonus tracks from itunes will be released physically anywhere?
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Is there anywhere to hear the Tesco bonus tracks, as I have the tunes version and have to wait to try to get that version (have relatives in the USA so if Tesco sell out they can get me Target version!) just wanted to hear the 3 tracks tho to complete my experience!!
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Originally Posted by lorenzoduke View Post
HMV are in fact going to be stocking the CD/DVD version for 17.99
I ordered that one Wednesday/yesterday (from HMV). I was almost asking someone from The Netherlands to arrange a copy for me but didn't have to when I saw the HMV listing.
It is actually on Amazon too but really hard to find, where Google brought this up first before Amazon themselves on their own site. Maybe fixed by now, but all the bootlegs were even coming up in the search results for "Braver than we are CD/DVD" or "Braver DVD" etc. Crazy! Amazon is truly turning into a mess because of the 3rd party sellers.
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