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Now, this may sound perversely odd to some of you, especially those who hate this version of the song, but I could really see MORE being a single.

The video (which is NECESSARY but NOT NECESSARILY EXPENSIVE to produce -- take a look at all of the struggling bands on the Nuclear Blast and Napalm Records labels, and the incredible videos that they put out). In the video~I'd have Meat in a dark near-gothic suit, playing a creeping, insidious, and suggestive 'devil-like' character (subtle, not overly theatrical), whispering his vocals (in the verses) into the ears of the female singer/actress/model, fingers running over her shoulders~as she listens, semi-disturbed but not quite reacting, until it's her turn to sing.

It gets more intense as the song reaches the chorus (imagine it -- grungy apartment, Meat over her shoulder -- maybe she's in the bathroom looking in the mirror while she puts on~her make up ). He's more and more animated, but the more intense it gets the less she takes notice,concentrating on her own reflection as if this character on her shoulder isn't really there.

She's dressed in white, with pale make up, etc. in contrast to Meat's 'darker' devil-like appearance. The entire thing is head on at the camera, from the chest up for the most part. The set edges on the gothic, but it's really just this girl's room in a run down~apartment somewhere in NY.

In post I'd make the majority of the video a luminescent black and white, with an old film flicker and an 8mm film grain effect. Dynamic bright white flickering lighting the whole way through except for the verses and the quiet sections (like a NINE INCH NAILS video or something).

The whole thing should read like Alice Cooper meets the video for Stay by Shakespeare's Sister, only darker and more 'Meat Loaf'

P.S. Sorry for 'click baiting' you with this one

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I'm not in unqualified agreement but see where you're coming from. I loved the Wuthering Heights version, but this fits the album and I think I prefer it to the original. Would love to see Jim somehow find a genuine home four *that* intro for "this corrosion" somehow....
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I think this sounds fking awesome!!!
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