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Originally Posted by glockenspiel View Post
What's peoples honest assessment of the Tesco bonus tracks? Is it worth the pilgrimmage to Tesco to get hold of them ??
Yes it is.
  • Prize Fight Lover is better musically, but poorer vocally than the Hang Cool version.
  • For What It's Worth is much better vocally, and sounds like it should have been on Handbasket.
  • Anything For Love is just tremendous. If one were to claim it's the best song on the album then I wouldn't argue otherwise too strongly. I wish the MSO CD/DVD were mixed in the same way. In fact I wish that Paul Crook would be able to remix all of Meat's past work and make it sound similar to this album as he is a production God. I'd just like him to stay away from the ~~~~ing sound effects.
There isn't the same care and attention afforded to the bonus tracks as the rest of the album however. Prize Fight Lover is quieter than everything else, and all three songs could do with more silence adding to the end of them. Prize Fight Lover comes in too quickly after For What It's Worth, and the CD ends immediately after Anything For Love, which is annoying when using the multichanger in my car.

What about the Amazon DVD? Is there anything on it worth buying it for, or is it just a load of talking heads and footage of Meat in the studio?

Originally Posted by PanicLord View Post
Worth it for Prize Fight Lover alone :)
Honestly, no. The Hang Cool version is better, but the other two songs are worth your money.
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