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Probably unlikely to record Stark if quite a bit of the focus was on Holding Out For a Hero so recently I think.

Love hearing that somewhat slowed down riff though on the original even if Stark sounds a bit underdeveloped (the re-use of the Lost Boys/Golden Girls bit, is a bit meh). The guitar duel at the end on the original is awesome however. Probably would have preferred this on Bat 3 or on Braver instead of some of the songs we did get such as "What if God could talk" / "Cry Over Me" / "Who needs the young".
In fact Stark would have made a killer opening tune on Braver in comparison to the bizarre circus thing we got I think. Perhaps remove the fade out at the end and tag on a proper ending then lead on into GATW. Since some of the rest of the stuff on Braver was from the original ideas before they got recycled "Turn around", there was no reason to avoid that song I think. (Other than not being able to say "this is the first song Jim wrote and was going to be on Bat" - I still don't think it matters when a song sounds so polarising. Stark would have suited the Crook guitar production too I reckon.

Certainly more interesting for anyone recording that song than the more overly popular songs at this stage.

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