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Originally Posted by Wario View Post
  • Going all the Way - PERFECTION.
  • Souvenirs - should've been the closer fantastic song and deep as hell
  • Dirty Job - beautiful cover!!! Great vocals
  • More - catchy and its decent when you think of cat woman ir the joker singing it.
  • Speaking in Tongues - beautiful but doesn't really go anywhere. Love the bridge!!
  • Godz - should've just been an instrumental imo. The lyrics aren't strong enough.
  • Train of Love - one of Jims weakest songs alas always thought this.
  • Only When I Feel - the vocals I understand emotion but the vocals still have to sound good.
  • Who Needs The Young - this is a love or hate song. Sadly I don't love it at all.
  • Skull Of Your Country - first part is great, why not keep the original instrumental? The total eclipse portion is terrible and ruins what was a fantastic start

Your turn!
Turn Around Bright was in the original version of skull in 1969 , was not original in Total Eclipise. M
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