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Originally Posted by Mr. Happy View Post
We've heard literally every single one of those songs in one form or another before, haven't we? The only one I'm not overly familiar with Godz, but unless I'm misremembering (or it's a different song under the same title) that's just Bolero from Neverland. It's about time that song ended up on a Meat Loaf album.

We're getting properly produced versions of Only When I Feel (!!!!!!!!) and Souvenirs. ~~~~ me. I'm so happy right now.
I got news for you , you may think you have !!! New Verses, different chorus ,
You have not heard these . VERy different arrangements . Yes you think you have!! What maybe 500 people have heard what they think these songs are.
I just can't come here , every time I have to defend myself !! I am going to take this site down . " Trademark infringement " . I really like most of you but I don't need to come here to be insulted .

Let me talk about "only when I Feel" I had the perfect vocal , but I hated it , because the character is in so much pain , I had to sing it with excruciating pain .
To all here who are my Friends , Love you ... the enemies that live here , well you know where you can go !!
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