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evil nickname
12 Sep 2016, 11:02
So, uhm, does anyone know anything about this track? Session info, song writers, corrections to my quick transcription of the lyrics below, anything at all?

Preacher man says, going straight to hell
Confess you sins and redeem yourself
Fire and brimstone are on your trail
Wash your soul with Jesus

So I went to the altar and turned the lights
Scared that the preacher man might be right
I knew, my friend, if I left that night
Gotta give my soul to Jesus

Lord, I slid of the track
Tack me back
Itís not my fault
Iím falling in a river of sin
The watering hole
I could lose my soul
Must have been dirty water

Been told by the Devil all my life
Go for revenge, even He ainít tried
I beg for forgiveness every time
I wash my soul with Jesus

Women, whisky damn near killed me
Bodyís drunk but my mind is dripping
Iím so bad my mommaís guilty
Wash my hands in Jesus