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Michael Marxen
06 Sep 2016, 21:48
Hope you can see the scans if R. did not f**k them up...

Final sentence of the review as Special Tip:
"BWTA is a strong vital sign of one of the best rock duos of all time."




Moonlight shadow
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06 Sep 2016, 22:02
R. wouldn't f**k them up, he's the brains of this operation ;)

Great pics!!

06 Sep 2016, 22:04
Wow nice promo

07 Sep 2016, 17:25
Can anyone provide a full translation?

07 Sep 2016, 20:38
The dream couple of the rock scene is united again, at least for another new piece of work. Meat Loaf and his long time companion Jim Steinman have created another studio album together. This exceptional duo are responsible for “Bat Out Of Hell”, one of the biggest rock classics of all time. The new record of these “master smiths” bears the title “Braver Than We Are”. It begins with the unconventional opener “Who Needs The Young” that comes along a little edgy at the beginning. The headstone for this song has been laid in the early stages of Jim Steinman’s Carreer in the year 1969. The expansively bombastic song structures clearly bear the handwriting of Jim Steinman, refined by Meat Loaf’s voice. The following “Going All The Way” is a monumental piece of work on its own with a duration of nearly 12 minutes.
Here, Ellen Foley and Karla DeVito pipe up with their strong voices again. The two vocalists took part in the Meat Loaf classic “Paradise by The Dashboard Light” from the year 1977 already. Whilst Ellen could be heard on the record back in the day, Karla played the role in the video clip that came with the single. The album title comes from the lyrics in this song (refering to GATW). Although the songs on this album have been used in other versions before, Jim and Meat have placed them in a different musical light, the titles have been reworked and extended with new lines of lyrics. This way, the two protagonists have suceeded in transfering song ideas of past days to the year 2016. “Speaking In Tongues” lives by the emotion that results of Meat’s voice and the intense female vocal. This emotional depth basically characterises this whole piece of work. The new version of “Loving You’s A Dirty Job” [...things we already know about Bonnie singing the song…] has come about very interesting. “Souvenirs” had originally been written for the musical “More Than You Deserve at the beginning of the seventies. The saxophone pieces accentuate the tense and sad mood that the lyrics create in an impressive way. With “More” we are being presented with a former “Sisters of Mercy” song that had been penned by Steinman. This song for example has been completely rearranged, spiced up with modern sounds and further refurbished with tender female voices. Admittedly, one thing that’s evident is the circumstance that Meat’s voice comes along in a deeper pitch throughout the record. “Godz” not only reminds us of classical moments, but indeed is lifted from the musical “Rhinegold” from the year 1973. “Skull of your Country” contains the famous line “Turn around….” [...again I am not removing relevant information, only obsolete words…] from “Total Eclipse of the heart “. The Blues rocker “Train of Love” closes this new album with the participation of Lynyrd Skynyrd guitarist Ricky Medlocke, who operates the slide guitar here. Reusing and rearranging of older song ideas is nothing new when it comes to Jim Steinman and Meat Loaf, obviously. The brilliance speaks for itself. The production has been handled by Paul Crook once again, who is a long-time part of the ensemble surrounding Meat Loaf. “Braver Than We Are” is a strong life sign of one of the best rock duos of all time.

A very elaborate review that really gets it.

07 Sep 2016, 20:42
Thank you 2jaxx

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Great review and thanks for the English translation. Hopefully Meat reads this.

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You're welcome